5 Fun Valentine’s Day Activities with Buncee

Valentine’s Day is almost here, which means it’s the perfect time for spreading a little love with Buncee! Although many of us might be apart on Valentine’s Day, we can still find creative ways to connect and celebrate love together. We’ve gathered some fun and creative Valentine’s Day activities for the whole family, so read on to discover how you can share some love this Valentine’s Day!

1. Create a personalized video valentine

Add a personalized touch to your Valentine’s day cards this year by adding a video or audio message! Record your video or audio message right in your Buncee canvas, and wish your loved ones a Happy Valentine’s Day.

You can take your virtual video cards to the next level with the AR feature on the Buncee iOS app! Add stickers and animations to create your own virtual world, and share your creation with your loved ones!

2. Share your love and appreciation for your loved ones

How do I love you? Let me count the ways….in a Buncee! Create a special, personalized Buncee for someone you love, and share all the reasons you love that person. You could share your appreciation for them, or show what you love most about them. Use text, audio, video, or whatever you choose. Then, share your Buncee with your loved one.

3. Print out and Craft a Surprise

Did you know you can print out your Buncees to make your own unique Buncee crafts? Print out a page full of Buncee stickers, cut them out, then glue them together to make your own unique creation! You can create your own from scratch, or check out our fun templates to get started.

4. Add a Buncee twist to your favorite photo

A framed, personalized photo is a great Valentine’s day gift for your loved one! Choose a photo, and add it your Buncee, then decorate it with Buncee stickers, or even a meaningful quote. Then, you can share virtually, or even print it out, frame it, and share it with your loved one!

5. Bring valentine fun to your virtual calls

For many of us, Valentine’s Day might look a little different this year, and we might have to find creative ways to connect. This holiday, bring some Buncee fun to your virtual calls! Create a Valentine’s Day background on Buncee, and use it to add it as a background on your next virtual call with your loved one.

Need more inspiration?

Check out this Buncee Board for more Valentine’s Day ideas!

Or, get inspired by our community!

Catapult Kindness

Spread some kindness this Valentine’s Day, and join Mrs. Enny-Tully in participating in #KiddosCatapultingKindness! Have students create Buncee Valentine’s Day cards for Nursing Home employees and residents, and send them to their local nursing home.

Collaborate and Share Ideas

Anna Dyagileva is spreading some inspiration, and even put together this Board for other educators to collaborate and share their Valentine’s Day ideas! Add your celebratory cards to her Buncee Board using the Share Code: y57zrp

Spread love around the world

Want to share your love with the world? Join Denise Marie Staffa-Wright and create a Valentine’s Day card on Buncee, print it out, and mail it to JT Stevens Elementary School, where the students are collecting valentines from all across the globe! Mail your valentines to:

JT Stevens Elementary School
Attn: Hearts Around the World
6161 Wrigley Way
Forth Worth, TX 76133

As always, we want to express our love for you, our community for all that you do! We hope these fun activities have inspired you to share some love this Valentine’s Day. We’d love for you to share your creations with us and join in on the conversation on Twitter, and the Buncee Educators group on Facebook to stay up to date!

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