93 Ways To #Bunceeapp This Summer

Us Northern Hemisphere-ers have 93 days, 2,232 hours, 133,920 minutes, and 80,35,200 seconds to enjoy the bliss of summer. But who’s counting? Not us! It’s best to live by the words of the late, great Muhammad Ali, “Don’t count the moments, make the moments count.”

We want to do our part to help you make all the summer moments count; and so, we’ve come up with a list of 93 fun ideas that you can do on our new Buncee iOS app. Download the app here, and tweet out your Buncee app creations with the hashtag “#Bunceeapp“!

93 Ways To Use The #Bunceeapp This Summer

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June 20th: Welcome Summer! Share your love for the season from the #Bunceeapp.

June 21st: Heading to #ISTE2016? Use the #Bunceeapp to sketch note the fabulous sessions you attend.

June 22nd: Have your students create Buncees about their summer reading list. #Bunceeapp

June 23rd: Start the summer off with goals & create a Bucket List on the #Bunceeapp and share!

June 24th: Having a July 4th party? Invite your family and friends from the #Bunceeapp.

June 25th: Share your #ISTE2016 travel photos from the #Bunceeapp. 

June 26th: Keep in touch with your family while at #ISTE2016 – send them a message from the #Bunceeapp.

June 27th: Take your #ISTE2016 #selfies to the next level – create a collage of them on the #Bunceeapp.

June 28th: Create a fun business card to share w anyone you meet at #ISTE2016 from the #Bunceeapp.

June 29th: Scrapbook all the fun you had at #ISTE2016 from the airport on the #Bunceeapp.

June 30th: Share the history of July 4th in from the #Bunceeapp with your kids and next year’s class.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.09.01

July 1st: Send a “Congrats” to all the graduates in your life. Create & share it from the #Bunceeapp.

July 2nd: Share your fabulous firework photos from the #Bunceeapp.

July 3rd: Inspire – make a beautiful patriotic quote from the #Bunceeapp & share.

July 4th: Create a “Happy July 4th” from the #Bunceeapp.

July 5th: Mini entrepreneurs: Promote your summer business & create an ad from the #Bunceeapp. 

July 6th: Attending summer conference sessions? Share where you’ll be with your #PLN from the #Bunceeapp.

July 7th: Share your favorite summer books from the #Bunceeapp.

July 8th: Make a Buncee of books you want to read over the summer. Using the draw tool, check each one off as you go! #Bunceeapp

July 9th: Show love for your favorite Baseball team. #Bunceeapp

July 10th: Hosting a Summer Potluck? Let your friends and family know! #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.11.27

July 11th: Create “Happy Birthday” cards for your summer birthday friends #Bunceeapp.

July 12th: The MLB All star game is tonight! Support your favorite player. #Bunceeapp

July 13th: Create a Buncee spinoff story based on a movie you and your kiddos watched together. #Bunceeapp

July 14th: Summer dance party? Pull together photos and animations together to show off the fun you had. #Bunceeapp

July 15th: Hosting an #edcamp this summer? Promote it with a fun image from the #Bunceeapp.

July 16th: Rainy day? Create Buncees from the iPad with your little ones. #Bunceeapp

July 17th: Feeling crafty this summer? Create an Etsy shop & use the #Bunceeapp to promote it.

July 18th: Keep in touch with your kiddos at summer camp, and text them a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

July 19th: Don’t fall victim to the summer slide. Have your children create Buncees on their favorite summer books or movies. #Bunceeapp

July 20th: Make a Buncee to brighten someone’s day. #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.12.43

July 21st: Part of a Book Club? Send the invite and the next book using the #Bunceeapp.

July 22nd: Going away for the weekend? Keep in touch with your #PLN and schedule Buncees for the weekend, on the go #Bunceeapp.

July 23rd: Have a blossoming storyteller in the family? Have them create their own digital story using the #Bunceeapp. 

July 24th: Have your kids make a Buncee of their favorite animal. #Bunceeapp

July 25th: Practice math over the summer with your kid. Create word problems they can answer on the #Bunceeapp.

July 26th: Share your favorite Summer recipes using the #Bunceeapp.

July 27th: What is your favorite summer activity? Create a Buncee on it! #Bunceeapp

July 28th: It’s vocal time! Practice new words & pronunciations using the #Bunceeapp.

July 29th:  Create a Thank You using the Buncee app

July 30th: Draw something amazing with the draw tool, then print out your black & white Buncee and color it in!

July 31st: Keep in touch with distant relatives and let them know you’re thinking about them. #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.14.03

August 1st: The Summer Olympics are almost here! Support your country & tweet out a Buncee from the #Bunceeapp.

August 2nd: Learn a new language together with your kids. Use the voice recording on the #Bunceeapp to practice.

August 3rd: Host a Summer Olympics party. Invite your friends with a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

August 4th: Hosting a summer PD? Use the #Bunceeapp to present! 

August 5th: The Summer Olympics is here! Share a Buncee in support of your favorite athlete. #Bunceeapp

August 6th: Connect with next year’s class, and send an “About Me” Buncee. #Bunceeapp

August 7th: Have your kids start a new summertime hobby & document their work in the #Bunceeapp.

August 8th: Need a moment in the shade? Bring your iPad to the beach and create on a beach chair. #Bunceeapp

August 9th: Share your favorite recipes with friends and family, no matter where they are. Include step-by-step instructions and videos and cook together!

August 10th: Scrapbook your Summer and show it off on the first day of school. #Bunceeapp

August 11th: Welcome students an open-house library night! #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.19.46

August 12th: Create a fun summertime scrapbook! Attach links and pictures and share. #Bunceeapp

August 13th: Doodle a mustache on a photo. #Bunceeapp

August 14th:  Stay on top of your summer assignments & email your Buncees to your teacher, wherever you are! #Bunceeapp

August 15th: Introduce yourself & present your plans to parents on back to school night with a Buncee presentation. #Bunceeapp

August 16th: Have your students create a Buncee all about the summer vacation. #Bunceeapp

August 17th: Pretend to be a pirate for a day! Make a Buncee treasure map and find the gold! #Bunceeapp

August 18th: Practice random acts of kindness – share a Buncee of your appreciation with a colleague. #Bunceeapp

August 19th:  Raising money for a cause? Keep your supporters up to date & share news right from the #Bunceeapp.

August 20th: Have your students share About Me Buncees to the class. #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 14.12.10

August 21st: Today is Senior Citizens Day! Share a Buncee with your favorite senior citizen. #Bunceeapp

August 22nd: The Olympics are over, but the Fall sports are just beginning. Host a tailgate and post the Buncee invite on Facebook. #Bunceeapp

August 23rd: Make a birthday card and print it out to share with a friend! #Bunceeapp

August 24th: Update your class website with a fun Buncee. #Bunceeapp

August 25th: Create a visual scavenger hunt! Share with friends on social, or use RSVP to make teams!

August 26th: It’s National Dog Day! Take a silly pic of fido and share it with the world from the #Bunceeapp.

August 27th: It’s cat-urday. Now, make a Buncee of your precious feline friend. #Bunceeapp

August 28th: Heading off to college? Wish your (not so) little one good luck with a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

August 29th: Labor Day is almost here! Make a Buncee presentation about the holiday to share with students. #Bunceeapp

August 30th: It’s Toasted Marshmallow Day. Host a bonfire with friends to celebrate & share the invite with the #Bunceeapp.

August 31st: Summer is the perfect time for reading & relaxing. Share the book you’re reading right now from the #Bunceeapp.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.36.16

September 1st: Pool days are winding down, so capture the moments with a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

September 2nd: September is Library Card Month. Remind your school this & share a Buncee! #Bunceeapp

September 3rd: We love Genius Hour! Students can create presentations about their projects wherever they are from the #Bunceeapp.

September 4th: Have your students create invites for parent teacher conference. They can send them to parents from the #Bunceeapp.

September 5th: Happy Labor Day! Let the world know you’re relaxing and tweet out a “Gone Fishing” Buncee. #Bunceeapp

September 6th: Share a summer inspired quote in honor of all the fun beach days you had. #Bunceeapp

September 7th: Today is International Literacy Day! Create a Buncee showing your support for Literacy Non Profits. #Bunceeapp

September 8th: Today’s the first fay of school for NYC. Parents: create a Buncee of their first day & share it with distant relatives #Bunceeapp

September 9th: It’s almost homecoming season! Share your school pride & post a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

September 10th: Football season is starting! Support your team & create invites to football parties from the #Bunceeapp.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.01.16

September 11th: Honor the special people in your life & send them a Buncee of your love. #Bunceeapp

September 12th: Have your students publish their Buncees to Seesaw by clicking “Share” from the #Bunceeapp.

September 13th: It’s Positive Thinking Day. #Trendthepostivie and share an inspiring Buncee with your PLN and colleagues. #Bunceeapp

September 14th: Participating in #BunceeBuddies this year? Send a Buncee of photos of your local community from the #Bunceeapp.

September 15th: Going on a field trip? Document the trip on the move with the #Bunceeapp.

September 16th: It’s Constitution Day. Share the history of this day, and bring together resources in a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

September 17th: Text your kiddo a some inspiration before the big game or test. #Bunceeapp

Screenshot 2016-06-23 12.50.59

September 18th:Fall will be here soon! Teach your class about the changing seasons with a Buncee presentation.#Bunceeapp

September 19th: Fall foliage will be here soon. Capture the beauty and share it in a Buncee. #Bunceeapp

September 20th: The days are growing shorter, and Halloween is coming soon! Create a spooky story on the #Bunceeapp.

September 21st: Celebrate the last day of Summer! Watch a beautiful sunset & get excited for Fall. #Bunceeapp

September 22nd: Happy Fall! Share your love for the season from the #Bunceeapp.

Screenshot 2016-06-23 13.12.12

Phew! Now, that’s a lot of ways to use the #Bunceeapp. Have some more? Tweet them at us with the hashtag #Bunceeapp.

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