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Cynthia Stogdill is a middle school librarian who loves reading, technology, and gently shaking the world with new ideas. On Twitter, she is a co-founder of the Nebraska Education Chat and the Midwest Librarian Chat. She is also a University of Nebraska-Omaha Adjunct Faculty Instructor. She has presented on Google Apps for Education, Twitter for Librarians, Social Media Branding, and Technology Tools in Assessment. By providing great resources, Cynthia supports teachers and students everyday while they continue to learn, share and collaborate. You can follow Cynthia on Twitter at @CynthiaStogdill


Cynthia has presented at the Nebraska Education Technology Association (NETA) conference on many of her favorite resources including Buncee. This is an annual conference focuses on inspiring the integration of technology and 21st Century Skills in the classroom. Her presentations also focus on how technology has transformed the school library and librarian. Buncee is one of her favorite tools for embedding Nebraska ELA and AASL standards in one engaging and creative lesson.


“I love the animations in Buncee. They add just the right touch of Sparkle and make the whole project come alive!

We have used Buncee as a foundation for research, book reports, and I am twisting some arms to expand into math, science, and social studies. There isn’t a content area I wouldn’t try to integrate a Buncee project.

Loved spending a day in sixth grade where students were working on their first Buncee projects. We had an issue, and I was messaging with one of the Buncee people. The kids loved that we could talk to someone via chat, solve our problem and not miss a beat. This inspired them to support each other as they worked through those first few projects. 

Students love Buncee because it integrates so many methods of learning and expression. Regardless of the student, there is a way to bring out the skills they use best while encouraging them to reach for the skills they might not have mastered. In creating a Buncee project, they are researching, analyzing and creating new knowledge without even realizing it. Great writers are able to continue to grow, and our more visual students were able to express themselves in that way while also improving their craft as writers.

I love to share Buncee because it offers an interactive power pack of tools including creativity, design, research, writing, and ethical use of information. I also like how it allows for differentiated instruction. We can create a task that fits our students and brings out their best. And I love the cute envelope when you share via email. It’s like a hug and who doesn’t need a hug?”



Click here to go to the Buncee!


Click here to go to the Buncee!

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Click here to go to the Buncee!

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