Ambassador Katie McNamara

ambassadorkatiepicABOUT BUNCEE AMBASSADOR KATIE MCNAMARA: Katie McNamara is the Teacher Librarian of North High School located in Bakersfield, California. There, Katie has facilitated professional development at district, regional, and state levels. With credentials in English, Reading Specialist and Library Media Science, Katie has partnered with various teachers to engage the inspiring students of North High. One of her greatest joys comes from the ripple effect of helping a teacher who then applies her support in their respective classroom and then shares with another teacher and so on. Prior to becoming a Teacher Librarian, (“...the best job on campus,” according to Katie), she has enjoyed serving as an English teacher, literacy coach, and academic coach. She has worked with K-12 students ranging from ESL to GATE. Katie also serves on Southern Region California School Libraries Association and the local California Teachers of English board. Additionally, Katie collaborates with a local university, California State University of Bakersfield, on their General Education Program. Katie has expertise as a researcher, presenter and wellness advocate. As a presenter, Katie has shared her talents at an #EdColllabGathering Panel Session, California School Libraries Association Southern Region Fall Workshop and Title I Conference. Her personal challenge as an educator is to empower students from being digital citizens to digital leaders. Follow Me: You can follow Katie on Twitter @KatieJMcNamara. CLASSROOM MOTTO: Find your joy. PROUDEST MOMENT OF YOUR EDUCATION CAREER: There isn't that one moment.  The concept is recurring. I am proud of being a teacher and a boymom. I am most proud when I help a student grasp a concept they are struggling with, even when the student isn't mine. THIS is what education is all about! WHY DO YOU WANT TO BECOME A BUNCEE AMBASSADOR? I learned about Buncee from the #CelebrateMonday Campaign. I enjoy the ease Buncee has to offer, and Buncee is much more than a digital creation platform. The Buncee group is amazing, and any time I have a question, they help me quickly. I know that Buncee does love me; they told me so! Being nice matters. WHAT ARE YOUR FAVORITE BUNCEES?

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