Michael Drezek is an active voice in our Buncee Community. He is a positive and supportive presence for others in his district community and the professional learning network.

Here’s a little bit about Michael in his own words:

I am the District Technology Integrator/Teacher Leader for the Lake Shore CSD. This is a TOSA position I’ve held for three years after spending ten years teaching Mathematics at the Middle School level. I am passionate about finding meaningful ways to integrate technology in the classroom and understand how it can empower teachers and students allowing for learning to happen that was never before possible. It is my focus to help teachers take some risks in their learning and teaching, stepping out of their comfort zones. Supporting them and serving as a resource is something I take great pride in and work tirelessly toward. Ultimately, I am driven by creating experiences for students that will stick beyond my time in their classroom. I lead professional development in my district and present regionally. I am a Google Certified Educator, Microsoft Innovative Educator & Trainer, Apple Teacher, and Buncee, Flipgrid, Seesaw, Bloxels, CueThink & CoSpaces Education Ambassador. I was recently named 2016 NYSCATE Outstanding Teacher.

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1) Wonder. Explore. Create. Repeat.

2) When you stop learning you stop living (so live life learning to the fullest).


There are so many to list but among them are when a former student is excited to see me outside of a school setting and chat. I know that I’ve made an impact on that student when they can’t wait to tell me all about what they are up to in life. It’s all about relationships and when these moments happen it reassures me that I am making an impact on kids. Sometimes we never know how much impact we make otherwise. Other proud moments are when I can connect a classroom globally and the students’ world and mind completely opens up. It builds empathy and curiosity in students. Buncee Buddies amongst other projects using technology has certainly helped in this way!


I really believe in what Buncee is trying to accomplish as a learning tool. As a technology integrator I focus on tools that allow students to share their voice, empower students to be creators and offer them the opportunity to share out to a bigger audience. Because of this, Buncee is at the top of my toolbox. The more teachers I can get to use Buncee in the classroom, the more students will have the opportunity to become creators of content that is meaningful to them. I am a Seesaw, Bloxels, CoSpaces and CueThink Ambassador. I understand that being an Ambassador involves being a model user, presenting to other educators and being enthusiastic to share experiences whenever possible. I appreciate that companies with teacher ambassador programs value teacher input and feedback to continually improve and meet the needs of students.


I had so much fun creating this and sharing it with the world!

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Our class sent some e-cards to classrooms in Russia, Australia, Indonesia, Deleware, Kentucky, Canada and New Zealand as part of a “holidays around the world” project. It was neat to see the kids Buncees spread holiday cheer to kids around the world.

Click here to check out his Buncee!

Click here to check out his Buncee!


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