Fun Back to School Activities

The first day of school: the sudden realization that this will be your routine for the next nine months can frighten even the toughest of us. As sweet summer waves good bye, starting the school year off with a lightness in your step and gladness in your heart can be a difficult task. I think it's safe to say that all of us, kids, parents, and teachers, feel the same way. Let us help remind you and your kids, or students, of all the fun you will be having this year through these start of the year buncee projects. These back to school activities are just a few of the fun ways buncee can be used to build excitement at home and in your classroom.

Welcome parents at back to school night with a fun presentation.

back to school 7

Plan a pumpkin party with your children to build excitement for the fall.

back to school 8

Create an imaginative, visual writing prompt on buncee for your students.

back to school 3

Practice storytelling, and create an autumn story on buncee with your kids.

back to school 10

Ask your students to share their summer adventures in a buncee, as you share yours as well.

back to school 9

Ask your students or children what they are most excited about for this school year, and have them create a buncee about it.

back to school 2

Let's get pumped for the 2015-16 school year! Storytelling, creating, learning await!

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