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The first days of school are always exciting. Friends reconnect, summer adventures are shared, the hallways are abuzz, and the eagerness to learn is fresh and anew. To get back into the swing of things, take advantage of all that summer fun swirling around your students' heads with a few back to school activities! To get you started, we made a short list of Buncee activities you can do with your students during the first days of school. Explore these activities, brainstorm your own, and let Buncee help you make those first days both fun and productive!

Class introduction:

Ask your students to create a Buncee about themselves as if they were meeting everyone in the class for the first time. What information would they like to present? Why is that information important? This is a great opportunity to learn more about your students, and for your students to learn more about each other!

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What I did this summer:

Whether your students went to France, won a trophy playing soccer, or read 5 books, every summer vacation has a story! Get your students thinking, sharing, and creating.

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My learning goals for this year:

To really get the gears turning, ask your students to outline a few goals they'd like to meet this school year.

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Everyone has something to share:

Let your students' knowledge shine and encourage collaboration! Ask each individual to create a Buncee showcasing something they are good at one one slide and something they would like to improve upon on the other. Then, have the class break into groups to exchange information.

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Just Say Hi!

Walking into that first class can always be nerve wracking. Introduce your students to Brady Rhymer's "Just Say Hi," lesson to encourage friendship and confidence.

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Each new school year brings great learning opportunities for all! We hope you'll enjoy these back to school activities, and we hope you find them both fun and helpful! For more ideas on how to use Buncee in your classroom, follow us on Twitter, read out blog, and signup for the Buncee newsletter!

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