Bring Creativity to Classroom Communication with Buncee & Microsoft Teams

Share Buncee to Microsoft Teams

At Buncee, we know creativity is the key to student success… but that alone can only take you so far. Sharing your creativity and communicating your ideas with others is integral to a successful learning environment. When educators can communicate effectively with students and parents, and when students can garner an authentic audience for their work, your whole school community can flourish! That’s why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve introduced a new sharing option: you can now share to Microsoft Teams with the push of a button! Through this integration, you can easily share Buncees in Teams Conversations as well as push Buncees as Assignments for your class.


What is Microsoft Teams and how does it work with Buncee?

For those of you that are new to the tool, Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your schoolmates in a secure location. With Microsoft Teams, your school can keep track of messages, meetings, and more, as well as integrate with Office apps that you already use, such as Word and Excel. With our mutual dedication to communication and collaboration, we knew Buncee and Microsoft Teams would make a great pair! There’s so much your school can achieve with this new integration, but just to get you started, here are a few quick ideas:

  • Easily share resources with your PLN or department
    • Create resources and templates in your Buncee account and easily share them with your Teams. 
  • Keep the discussion going
    • Share your Buncee creations in Conversations in your Teams account and get engaged in discussion.
  • Create Assignments
    • Manage your classrooms as you would in your Teams account, but add a Buncee flare and make your assignments come to life.


Get Started with Share to Teams

Together, we’ll help your classrooms make communicating fun, easy, and seamless. To get started on some of our ideas, head to our “Appsmash” category in Ideas Lab. Here you can find these ideas for your classroom:

  • Spread Positivity to Your Team with a #OneWord Board
  • Share Custom Templates with Your Students and Fellow Teachers
  • Share a Class Discussion Prompt with Your Class
  • Provide Encouragement and Advice for First Year Teachers
  • Create a Buncee Assignment and Assign it to Your Students


Learn how to share Buncees in your Conversations


Learn how to share Buncees in your Assignments


Check out our step-by-step help article for additional support here.


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