Buncee and Wakelet: Create, Collect, and Connect

Buncee and Wakelet: Create, Collect, and Connect

Buncee has always been proud to give students and educators the tools to create fun, interactive materials, and to share their knowledge in an engaging way. Our friends at Wakelet share this passion for student success, and love giving students and educators a platform to easily organize all of their materials in one place. That’s why Buncee and Wakelet have teamed up to make collecting and sharing your knowledge easier than ever! 

For those of you that don’t know, Wakelet is a tool that allows students and educators to save, curate, and share a variety of multimedia in one place. Wakelet users organize their material in folders, or wakes, to create lessons, interactive research projects, portfolios, and more. At Buncee, we love using Wakelet too! When we’re on the go, Wakelet makes it easy to save materials so we can come back to them later.

With this latest integration, we’re excited to announce that you can now embed your Buncees to Wakelet and keep all of the fun and interactive features intact! Now, you can easily add your Buncee creations to your wakes. For example, students could create an interactive Buncee about solar energy, then add it to their wake all about sustainable practices and add their own notes. Or, teachers could share a language lesson created on Buncee, and add it to a wake containing additional resources that they could share with their language learners. Educators and Students can use Buncee and Wakelet to create, collect, and share a number of interactive creations, such as: 

  • Newsletters
  • Portfolios
  • Research Projects
  • Digital Storytelling
  • Professional Development
  • Lesson Plans
  • Group Projects


Here’s how the integration works:


With Buncee and Wakelet, the possibilities are truly endless!  


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