Buncee Boards: Bringing People Together

Buncee Boards Bringing People Together

It’s safe to say that this past year has come with its own unique set of challenges. With social distancing still being practiced in many areas, technology provides a way to stay connected with friends, co-workers, students, and family members. Like many companies, here at Buncee, we’ve had to make the adjustment from seeing our co-workers daily at the office, to working from home and connecting virtually. One of the most fun ways we’ve found to keep in touch and stay connected is by creating Buncees, and sharing them to Buncee Boards!

Buncee Boards are an excellent tool for your virtual classroom: they can be used as an avenue for sharing work with an authentic audience, a place for a secure virtual class discussion, a way to share resources with students or parents, and so much more.

Buncee Boards provide an opportunity for people to come together, spread joy, and connect with one another.

At Buncee, whenever one of our team has a birthday, we love creating fun Buncee birthday messages, and adding them to a Buncee Board! Then, the board full of birthday wishes is shared, and it always brings some birthday cheer to the recipient!

Of course Buncee Boards are a great way to celebrate a birthday…but what about a Wednesday? Buncee Boards can also provide a chance to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary one!

The Buncee Team has used Buncee Boards as a way to connect and get to know each other a little better. Recently, we had a “Three Truths and a Lie” party, where we each created a Buncee with three truths and a lie about ourselves. It’s a fun, virtual twist on a classic icebreaker!

First, one of the team creates a Buncee Board, adds a Buncee explaining the rules of the game, then shares the Board with the rest of the team.

Next, everyone creates their own Buncee and adds it to the Board! In this case, everyone had to list three truths about themselves, and one lie. Then, we all got together on a Teams video call. One team member opened the Board, and shared their screen.

As a team, we went through the Buncees one by one, and we all tried to guess which statements were true, and guess the lie! The team could share their guesses on the individual Buncees.

When the person who made the Buncee revealed the lie, we could share both the correct answer and the person who guessed it correctly in the comments.

This was such a fun way to exercise our Buncee skills, get to know our fellow co-workers, and just spend a little time connecting with each other. Buncee Boards can be an excellent way to bring people closer, and to spread some fun and positivity.

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