Buncee Buddies: Digital Pen Pals

With almost 200 countries in the world and the advancement of communication technologies, understanding diversity and developing a global awareness is of paramount importance to today's students. Learning about other communities and cultures helps students grasp the "big picture" world view, but learning with other communities and cultures takes that understanding to the next level. With that in mind, we're proud to introduce Buncee Buddies- 21st Century Digital Pen Pals!


Whether it's celebrating Hanukkah in Iowa, or Christmas in Hong Kong, classrooms from across the nation and globe will create and share buncees that highlight their individual and community holiday traditions. Using text, audio recordings, videos, photos, stickers, and animations, students from various cities around the world will bring their traditions to life with buncee. Then, through Skype and Flipgrid, each class will share and explain their creations to other classrooms.

Who are these buncee superstars? Meet the Buncee Buddies team:

Chad Lehman and his 3rd graders in Ixonia, Wisconsin.

Tracy Ferguson and her 2nd graders in Van Meter, Iowa.

Michelle Griffith and her 2nd graders in Lake Jackson, Texas.

Tanja Galetti, Heather Goode, and Stacey Thompson along with their 3rd graders in Hong Kong.

Heather Lister and her middle schoolers in Hershey, Pennsylvania.

Thanks to these adventurous educators and their eager students, Buncee Buddies has taken off to an exciting start. See all these buncee creations on the Buncee Buddies page!

Our goal is to help the world communicate more creatively. Through Buncee Buddies, we hope that students from around the world can learn about other communities and cultures in an engaging, up close and personal way. Sharing and exchanging knowledge can change the world. It just takes action. Join the Buncee Buddies project and get your class learning, creating, and sharing! Sign up below!


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