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The following is a guest post by Buncee ambassador Rositsa Mineva, an English Language teacher in Mityo Stanev, Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. Rosita, an eTwinning Representative for Bulgaria, won the “Most Innovative Educator” of Stara Zagora in 2013 and a European Language Label award for Multilingual Classroom Innovation. Find her on twitter: @sunrise651

When I first found Buncee among the great number of web-based tools for creating digital learning content, I was attracted by its simplicity and stunning graphics, fonts, and animations that it provides teachers like me.

I said to myself: “Wow! That’s amazing. This is something that I can use to create visual and audio aids for my young learners to study English in an easy, interesting, and funny way!”

So, it came naturally for me to create my first grammar posters, flyers, flashcards, booklets and books with Buncee. I used the creations for classroom management and as ‘props’ for my lovely students

  1. Grammar posters
  2. Flashcards
  3. English alphabet

rose blog 2

I find Buncee an absolutely friendly web tool for making my lessons interactive and also for creating multimedia presentations. I can even use it to flip my language classroom. These are 5 activities and lessons I’ve flipped Buncee:

  1. Vocabulary flipping
  2. Grammar flipping
  3. Test preparation
  4. Flipping the reading activity
  5. Flipping the listening activity

Screenshot 2016-08-25 16.02.08

Using Buncee in the classroom with my pupils provides a fun and educational challenge for them. My nine and ten-year-old English language learners love working on the site for many reasons, but mainly beacues they can create their own digital canvases easily, using the great amount of beautiful stickers, animations, own photos, videos and drawings.

Yes, CREATE is the key word when students start learning English language using Buncee. They turn their learning experience and lessons into multimedia digital stories and projects. Through this, they efficiently master their reading and writing skills, improve their listening and speaking competencies in foreign language, remain engaged as they have fun with Buncee activities in a the classroom.

  1. The chick and the duckling – digital storytelling
  2. Making flashcards with Buncee
  3. My dream – Project based activity with Buncee

Screenshot 2016-08-25 16.17.19

What I find most amazing is the opportunity which edu.buncee.com gives to their teachers, managing the Buncee Buddies Digital Pen Pals project and connecting classrooms all around the globe. Real communications with native English language speakers not only improves the speaking skills of my students, but it also inspires their creativity and strengthens their presentation and digital skills as they express more and more of their knowledge through making and exchaning Buncees.

Last year, our Buncee Buddies Digital Pen Pals project connected us – third-graders from Bulgaria, with the third-grade classroom from Southold Elementary School, NY. You can read about it in this news article here. We met first on Mystery Skype, then we made Buncees to tell each other who we were. Finally, we celebrated Earth Day together, sharing our Buncee canvases filled with ideas on how to keep the Earth clean and green.

Rose Blog1


That was an experience my students will never forget and remember with kindness. We can’t wait for new challenges with Buncee Buddies Digital Pen Pals project, preparing ourselves to celebrate Peace 2016 in the upcoming school year.

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