Buncee Highlights from BETT 2020

Buncee Highlights @BETT 2020

Wow! BETT 2020 was a blast! We love going to conferences near and far not only because it gives us an opportunity to learn about new ways we can help students unlock their creativity and succeed, but also because we love connecting with our community. It was an incredible experience to be able to meet our community from all over the world and make new friends along the way! As our first time at BETT, we didn’t know what to expect. We’re so thankful for the warm welcome from our friends at Microsoft Education and are grateful to have had the chance to share the booth with them.


Buncee Presentations at BETT 2020:  Microsoft Partnerships to Help Empower Us All

With Buncee, we strive to empower our users through the power of creativity and we’ve been honored to have had the chance to collaborate with Microsoft Education in ways that help us level up that goal. With our integrations with Microsoft tools such as OneNote, Microsoft Teams, and Immersive Reader, among others, we’ve been able to help create an environment where learning can flourish; where classrooms can easily create their creative Buncee work and resources, as well as easily share them in ways that can support learning inside the classroom and beyond. 

We had the chance to share about our partnerships in several sessions with Microsoft Education at BETT 2020. If you missed out on these sessions, here are some key takeaways from our collaborations:

Buncee + Immersive Reader:  Together, we aim to ensure any Buncee creation, whether it’s a lesson, a project, a newsletter, or a story, is accessible for all. With Immersive Reader, our hope is to make learning more inclusive and ensure any text based content can be accessed by the entire school community. Learn more here.

Buncee + Microsoft Teams:  With Microsoft Teams, our hope has been to help create safe spaces for all students, as well as help educators collaborate and connect with one another. We have several integrations with Microsoft Teams to learn about. Check them out here:  1. Share to Teams, 2. Pin Buncee Resources, 3. Share Creative Buncee Messages.

Buncee + OneNote:  Did you know that you can live embed Buncees into OneNote? With this integration, classrooms can seamlessly create, share and organize their Buncee resources and lessons in one place. Learn more about this integration here.

Interested to learn more about these collaborations? Check out some of the other presentations:

Buncee + Microsoft Teams:  Easy to create, even easier to share
Buncee + Immersive Reader:  Using Creativity to Nurture a Love for Learning


Full Steam Ahead:  What’s Next

We had such a fun time at BETT 2020! We are so grateful to you, our community, for the inspiration you bring to our team & your classrooms each & everyday! Cheers to another year of awesome collaborations & updates ahead.

Next up – we’ll be headed to TCEA 2020 next week! Will you be there? Stop by Booth 1455 and say hello to the team! Check out the Buncee presentations we have lined up at the booth – learn more here.

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