Buncee Is Now Available in the Microsoft Store

We are pleased to announce that Buncee is now available on the Microsoft Store for devices that run Windows 10! Educators can download the Buncee Windows 10 app here.

This is part of Buncee’s ongoing partnership with Microsoft to fully integrate with the Microsoft ecosystem. Previously, we announced our integration with Microsoft Single Sign On (SSO) and Microsoft School Data Sync (SDS), so we are excited to announce this latest update!

When you download the Windows Buncee app and login for the first time, you'll recognize the login screen, but with just two choices.




If you are on a Buncee for Schools and Districts (BSD) account, click the blue button. Everyone else can log in with the orange "Individuals and Classroom" button.

From there, you'll find your experience to be a pretty familiar one if you're used to Buncee.


You'll find the same Buncee Dashboard that you've grown accustomed to...pwa_dashboard


the same access to your Buncees...Buncees (1)


...and the same creation canvas!pwa_creation


So now if you've got a Windows 10 computer, accessing Buncee is now even easier - you and your students can log in by clicking the Buncee icon on your desktop. You don't have to open a browser and go to Buncee. Finally, working right within the app also provides a distraction free experience, it's a great way to keep students on task, and not hopping from tab to tab!

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