Buncee Photo Friends: Spreading Inspiration and Sharing Creativity

Buncee Photo Friends

At Buncee, our goal is to provide students and educators with the tools they need to succeed both in the classroom and beyond. One of the ways we do this is by developing tons of unique media assets that make creation easy and fun. Our photo backgrounds are one of our most unique media assets, and our team continually adds to our growing collection. We want our students to have access to photos of real, authentic places, which are ideal for virtual field trips and research projects. We also want to provide access to authentic wildlife photos students can use for a variety of creative projects. But we can’t do it alone! Did you know that many of our amazing photographs are donated by members of our community?

Buncee’s Photo Friends
Buncee’s collection of photo backgrounds is largely made up of photos donated by our Photo Friends! We’re honored to know so many talented photographers willing to share their work. We are continually inspired by our awesome community, and we believe that when we share our talents and work together, truly amazing things can happen!

Photo Friend Spotlight: Bob Birdsall
While all of our Buncee Photo Friends are awesome and inspiring, we want to extend our deepest thanks and appreciation to one in particular: nature and wildlife photographer Bob Birdsall. Bob is an immensely talented photographer who has shared many photos with us over the years. He has published two photography books about the New Jersey Pinelands: 
“Seasons of the Pines, a Photographic Tour of the New Jersey Pine Barrens”, and “People of the Pines”. In “People of the Pines” Bob pays tribute to the people of the region and their heroic struggles to preserve the woods and their way of life. He and his wife, Jean, are the owners of Birdsall Nature Photography.

If you want to see some miraculous nature photography, or learn more about Bob’s work, check out their website. We feel truly humbled that Bob has shared some of his amazing photographs with Buncee, and so excited that our students and educators can use Bob’s photos in their own unique Buncees! 
Bob Birdsall

Spreading Inspiration
Here’s just a few of the beautiful photos that other Buncee Photo Friends have shared with us over the years. We are so grateful to all of our Photo Friends for sharing their photos with us, and with all of the students and educators who create with Buncee. 
    Photo Friends

Our Photo Friends

our photo friends

YOU Can Be a Buncee Photo Friend Too!
If you want to share your photos and become a Buncee Photo Friend, you can do so by sending your photos to info@buncee.com. Whether they’re from travels around the world, or your own backyard, we’d love to include your photos in Buncee! 

As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter, and join our Facebook Educators group, so you never miss an update!


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