Buncee Spotlight: Renee White & Her Fantastic First Graders

At Buncee, we are focused on empowering students as content producers, starting at a young age. This is our goal. So, when we saw first-grade students proudly present their Buncee knowledge at a conference, our day was made!

However – we can’t take the credit for the awesomeness that happened that day. Renee White, a first-grade teacher and a Buncee Ambassador, deserves all the credit. Knowing the value of letting students teach, she took it upon herself to apply on their behalf for the 2017┬áNorth Carolina Technology In Education Society Conference’s (NCTIES) Student Showcase. They were accepted! Renee provided the opportunity for her students to demonstrate their learning of Buncee and take ownership of their work.

In her blog post recapping NCTIES, Renee says: “Why don’t we let them shine?” The first graders of Laurel Park Elementary were certainly shining brightly that day! Read all about how the students presented their work and their preparations for the big day on Renee’s blog.

Learn more about Renee in her Buncee Ambassador profile, and follow her on Twitter!

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