Buncee Sticker Packs Are Here for iOS 10!

Your favorite stickers, animations, and characters from Buncee are now available to send through iMessage! Grab one of Buncee’s new sticker packs to experience your favorite part of Buncee on your iPhone or iPad. *See the bottom of this post for instructions on how to download and install a sticker pack.*

Let’s take a look at some of the different sticker packs that Buncee offers:


The Education Pack will have you unleashing your inner Einstein. Books, pencils, globes, and more: with this sticker pack you’ll be prepared to study, teach and learn.
















The Animals Pack allows you to include your favorite furry friends in any conversation. These lifelike creatures will bring your iMessages to a whole new level.



The Imagination Pack will keep you daydreaming! iMessage some wild characters and magical monsters with this fun pack, giving your creativity muscle a workout.

imagination imagination2

















The Party Pack is the most fun sticker pack of all! Dance your way through your messages and be the life of the party with these exclusive stickers. The Buncee team has designed animations of all of your favorite dance moves, including the whip and the dab. This is a fun-packed pack!


















The Buncee Emotions Pack turns Bunceeman into some of your favorite emojis. This sticker pack can totally relate. These Buncee emoticons will have you laughing, crying, and mic-dropping your way through every conversation.

emotions packemotions2

Find these sticker packs in the Apple Store when you download iOS 10 onto your iPhone or iPad. Questions? Email us at info@buncee.com.


How to download a sticker pack:

Follow the red circles in the images!


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