Buncee Student Artist Contest

Buncee Student Artist Contest

In January, the Buncee team connected with Shannon Miller about a really interesting project idea she had in mind: a Student Artist Contest! It all started with one of Shannon’s fifth-grade students, Molly. Molly had a passion for drawing, and when her crayons hit the paper she was always creating “Molly Dolls”.

Once we heard about these dolls from Shannon and saw how cool they were, we knew we had to turn her drawings into Buncee stickers. So we did just that. The work Shannon was doing with Molly inspired us to empower even more students to be artists within Buncee.

At Buncee, our main focus is student voice and choice. This is how the Buncee Student Artist Contest, a new project in collaboration with Shannon got started! We look forward to seeing creations from all over the world and see a student’s voice come to life.

For more information on how this contest all began and Shannon Miller’s vision, visit her blog.

Here’s How the Buncee Student Artist Contest Works

Students from around the world can design their own stickers, backgrounds, and animations, and submit them to our creative committee. Featured artists will be selected every month, and their artwork will be uploaded to Buncee in our new “Student Art” category.

Submission Info

  1. Draw a sticker, animation, or background using any method desired. Artwork must be the artist’s own work. (See rules & regulations for further details).
  2. Scan it into a computer and save as a letter size PDF or JPEG (highest resolution possible).
  3. Attach it to an email and send to bunceeartist@buncee.com with the subject line: Student Art Contest.

Include in the body of the email:

  1. Student’s first name
  2. School name
  3. Grade level
  4. Name of the artwork
  5. 150-word max description of the artwork

Key Dates

The contest begins at 12:00 AM EST on the first day of every month, beginning on April 1, 2019, and ends at 11:59 PM EST on the last day of every month. This is a monthly, recurring contest. Entries that are submitted after the Contest Period will be considered in the subsequent round. During the first week of every month, the creative committee will select the Featured Student Buncee Artists from Student Art submitted during the previous month.

The Committee

On a monthly basis, artwork submitted during the previous month will be reviewed by our creative committee:

  1. The creator of Molly Dolls
  2. A world-renowned teacher librarian, speaker, and author
  3. An elementary school teacher and K-5 science/STEM leader
  4. An esteemed author

Rules and Regulations

To see how to submit your Student Art along with the rules and regulations, please click here.

Please note:

  1. Each individual piece of Student Art can be submitted once.
  2. Students may submit multiple pieces of Student Art under each category: Stickers, Animations, and Backgrounds.
  3. Once selected, students work will be featured under our “Student Art” categories on Buncee.


Check out our Buncee Student Artist Contest Monthly Winners:

March Winners


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