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As a teacher, parent communication is always an important thing. Newsletters, emails, notes, and websites – there is so much to stay on top of to make sure that your students’ parents are always in the loop and know what’s going on in your classroom. This becomes even more difficult when you have a website platform that is not user friendly, but you’re required to use it. You can use the basic parts of it, but it won’t be very nice looking. In the past, I’ve created JPEG images and uploaded them. Then I run out of storage on the platform because I have to upload a new JPEG weekly for each page. My thoughts every summer revolve around the idea, “There has to be a better way!”

Enter Buncee! To begin with, Buncee is an amazing program for creation. My students absolutely love using it for anything they can think of.

Then, I had an idea…

Could Buncee make my website updates easier?

A Buncee slide resembled the JPEG I was creating and uploading to my website. What if? So I created a slide for my welcome page and copied the embed code. I embedded the code into my website, and BAM! I have a customized image on my site. What if I could create more for my site? One of the main things that gets updated on a regular basis is a calendar. Of course! Buncee has a calendar template. I created my resource calendar and a calendar of events for a month. BAM! I embedded the code, and now I have updated calendars on my page. But what happens when I have to update it the following month? It’s easy; I log back into my Buncee account, update the slide and change it for the new month. At first, I copied the embed code thinking I’d have to at least put the new code in. NOPE!

When I update directly in the Buncee platform, it automatically updates on my website. Easiest website update ever!

With her website slides made in Buncee, Katrina can update her page in a snap!

My students’ parents know that my website is updated weekly. I always have the resource calendar, events calendar, and a snapshot of what we’re doing for the week. They know that my website is the place to find information about our class and links to sites we use regularly. Keeping my website updated is important, so having an easy way to do that is amazing! My embedded Buncees have multiple slides so that my calendars are up for the rest of the school year. I’ll be out on maternity leave and I know that my parents will still want to know a schedule and upcoming events. Buncee has simplified my ability to communicate with parents effectively!

Katrina’s Monthly Calendar…
…and her Week at a Glance!

Katrina Worthington is a veteran teacher in St. Augustine, Florida. She is a co-founder and organizer of EdCamp St. Augustine. You can follow her on Twitter at @mtnsatheart.

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