Buncee: Integrated With Google Classroom

The Buncee team has some exciting news: Buncee for Schools & Districts is now available and integrated with Google Classroom! Any Google Apps for Education Schools will now have access to the features only available through Buncee for Schools & Districts.

Below is just some of the awesome-ness that Buncee for Schools & Districts provides.

  1. Smooth Login: no more uploading students and frustrating memorization! Instantly login with your Google credentials so you don’t have to have students create accounts or memorize new information.
  2. Quizzes Galore: now, attach questions and answers to any asset within Buncee and create quizzes or study guides for your students!
  3. Private Asset Library: Buncee offers an extensive library of unique media assets, including fun and educational stickers, animations, messages, and more. With Buncee for Schools & Districts, you have access to all of this, plus the additional option of uploading your own customized multimedia. For instance, if you’d like to give your students the option of including a sticker of your school’s mascot or logo, just add it to your private sticker library for your students’ exclusive use.
  4. A White Label Solution: Buncee is just one of many tools that your teachers and students will use throughout the year. Don’t let it get lost in the shuffle. Customize your URL to securely access the application.
  5. Custom Multimedia Access: Turn certain multimedia access on or off for student use. Say your teachers love YouTube, but don’t want students to have access to videos at school- you can now revoke student access to specific options at the click of a button. Keep what you love, hide what you don’t.
  6. Premium Support & Specialized Training: From webinars and online live training to professional development and student sessions, special access is at your fingertips! Our support system is strong because we believe that you shouldn’t have to go it alone. We’re here for you.

Interested in bringing Buncee for Schools & Districts to your school? Email us at schools@buncee.com!

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