Creating Motivational Posters with Buncee

Creating Motivational Posters with Buncee

A learning environment that is inspirational and encouraging is key to student success. Whether students are starting the school year in a physical classroom, or they are learning remotely from home, it’s important for students to cultivate a space where they can be motivated and excited to learn. With Buncee, students and educators can create a motivational learning space quickly and easily using unique and inspiring motivational posters!

With Buncee’s wide collection of backgrounds, stickers, inspirational quotes and messages, and more, it’s easy to create a beautiful poster to decorate your classroom or virtual learning space. Educators can explore the Templates Library or Ideas Lab to find posters and signs they can use right away. Check out the Posters or Social Media Messages categories in the Templates Library, or head to the Posters and Signage or Social Media categories in Ideas Lab. The Social Media categories have lots of Buncees that are perfect for sharing online, but can also be used as beautiful motivational posters. You can also check out our Buncee Board here for more inspiration! These Buncees can be used as is, or they can be customized!

It’s easy for students to create their own posters too! Students can be encouraged to get creative, and make their own poster displaying a favorite saying or quote. This fun and easy activity can also be an excellent opportunity to introduce new students to Buncee.

There are so many different ways to create a motivational poster with Buncee, but here’s some tips and tricks you can try out:

  • Classic Buncee size is great, but you could also try a letter or square sized canvas
  • Search the Messages category to find an inspirational quote or saying
  • Or, use the text tool to add a word or phrase that motivates you
  • Look to your favorite books, movies, or songs to find inspiration
  • Add a background to make your text pop
  • Add shapes or stickers to decorate your poster

Once your poster is done, you can quickly print it out, and then use it to decorate your classroom, or hang it up in your remote learning space at home. Educators can share posters they’ve made with students so students can print them out at home, or for those in the classroom, students can share their posters with teachers so that the class can help decorate the classroom together!


If you and your students try making your own motivational posters on Buncee, we’d love to see what you make! Find us on social media and share your creations with us, using #MyBuncee Whether you post it via Twitter, Instagram, our Facebook Page or Buncee Educators Group, we can’t wait to see what you create next! And from all of us at Buncee, we’re wishing you a happy and safe school year!

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