Family Activities for Remote Learners!

Remote learning creates more opportunities for families to connect and support children with their learning. In order to facilitate during this time, we have collected some of the activities for the entire family to spark creativity, keep the learning going, and have fun together!


Family Activities for Remote Learners!


Electricity Scavenger Hunt

Recreate your house on Buncee and see who finds the most items powered by electricity!

Start your scavenger hunt


Reading Journal

Challenge your family to reflect on what you’ve read each day by adding animations and audio.

Form a reading habit today


Hugs for Heroes

As a family activity, show appreciation to the heroes who continue to help others by adding ‘thank you’ cards to the #Hugs4Heroes project!

Add your thank you card




Fun Facts About Your Family

Create a journal of fun facts about your family! Record a video interview for each other, and share your findings with family friends.

Create with a journal template




For more family activities, click on Topic Area in Ideas Lab, and select At Home. 

Learn how to navigate Ideas Lab here!


Parents Guide to Supporting Remote Learners!

Supporting children with their remote learning can be easy with Buncee.


Register for a Webinar

Join Rachelle Dene Poth on April 21, 2020 at 04:30 PM ET to learn about Buncee.

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Discover Buncee Video Tips

Need a helpful Buncee hand? Watch these tutorials to learn how to Buncee in 2 min clips.

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Buncee Parents Guide

View tips, helpful resources, and ideas to create together at home.

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We’re here to help support our community in any way we can. Please feel free to reach out to us at For more information on how we can assist your remote learning classroom, please fill out this form here. 

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