Feature Update: Improved Commenting in Buncee Boards!

We love Buncee Boards! They’re such a versatile tool to post several Buncees in one place, either as an individual, or as a group (check out our post, 10 Ways to Use Buncee Boards in the Classroom for more information). There are so many classroom applications for them. They create opportunities for students and teachers to collaborate, show off their creations, and interact with others’ work. It’s been a lot of fun for us to see the different ways that teachers use Buncee Boards in their classrooms.

We’ve recently tweaked the boards to make them even better for collaboration and communication. Now, when someone comments on a Buncee posted to a board, the creator of that Buncee will be notified in their dashboard (see the GIF below).

Blog 1
You’ll notice from the GIF that we’ve added something else to the boards: you can reply directly to a comment. That clears up communication problems for your board’s users. When comments are nested like this, it helps them avoid confusion.

Blog 2

From the start, the goal of Buncee Boards has been to ease collaboration for all. With these improvements, we’re happy to say that collaboration is now even easier!


Sean Farnum is a teacher, troublemaker, the host of the #2PencilChat, and the producer of The #BestClass Podcast. He is an Education Associate at Buncee and runs the Buncee Ambassador Program. He thinks you’re pretty great.


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