5 Holiday Classroom Activities With Buncee

Cold weather, hot cocoa, and excited students….it must be the holiday season! The air is full of cheer, and your students will be just as full of cheer as they do these educational and creative holiday classroom activities!

Check out some of our creation ideas below, and share your work with us on Twitter @Buncee!

5 Holiday Classroom Activities With Buncee

1)   Create a Buncee of family holiday traditions, and have a classroom discussion sharing everyone’s Buncees.

 Click here to see this buncee!

2) Create a digital holiday story. Digital storytelling has strengthened two essential 21st century skills – creativity and critical thinking.

 Click here to see this buncee!

3) Assign each student a research topic based on a holiday. Then, have them create a Buncee to present their findings.

 Click here to see this buncee!

4) Have students collaborate in groups to create a Buncee on a culture’s holiday legend.

 Click here to see this buncee!

5) Instill gratitude in your students, and ask them to create holiday cards for their parents and family members. Print them out and use the QR code functionality to bring the Buncees to digital life.

 Click here to see this buncee!


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  • December 4, 2014

    Mila Koro

    I am new to Buncee. And NOW I know, that we will be always friends. How could I live and not be close with Buncee before? I used to do my unique artsy myself and that took hours of work. Now I can do much more using great Buncee TOOLS in less time and I am having really FUN doing Holiday’s Buncees !!!
    It has so so much to offer: it’s Fun to use and to create special,unique ART. Once you are in Buncee ,you don’t want to live it. You want to keep on BUNCEING those Buncees

    Don’t wait —Log in and Use it

  • December 9, 2014


    We are so happy to hear how much you enjoy creating on buncee, and you’re right – each buncee is a unique work of digital art :). We look forward to seeing all your creations! Which buncee that you’ve made is your favorite?

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