Implementing Buncee In PE

The following is a guest post by Sara Handy, a physical education educator from Lemon Mills Elementary in Scott County Schools. Learn more about Sara in her bio below!

Teaching Physical Education comes with a number of challenges.  One challenge that many face is: How do I implement technology in PE lessons?

Another challenge is: How do I get these kids moving the second they walk into my classroom?

With Buncee, I am able to overcome both of these challenges while providing a unique and fun experience for students!


Click here to see the Buncee.

When my students walk into the gym, they immediately know to check my Buncee on the screen, as I implement it each day as our warm up.  This provides an instant activity for my students to jump right into. I love hearing, “What’s our Buncee today?!”


Click here to see the Buncee.

Like many teachers, my schedule is full of back-to-back classes with zero time in between. Literally, as soon as one class is heading out the door, another one is walking in.  This used to result in a tough scenario where I’d be bouncing between communicating with two teachers and managing a new class. With Buncee, I am able to give the entire class direction, while implementing physical activity, even if I’m not the one actually speaking to them.


Click here to see the Buncee.

Yes, you could very easily write something on a chalkboard… er, I mean, dry erase board? (Are chalkboards still a thing??) But, the great thing about Buncee is that it allows me to communicate to the students in a fun way that they can relate to.  Additionally, all of your creations are automatically saved and ready to use next time. I love how FUN it is for ME to create, and for the STUDENTS to absorb.  With Buncee’s tools, the opportunities are endless!  The kiddos love walking in to see fun colors, fonts and moving pictures that provide hints as to what our lesson will be about that day.


Click here to see the Buncee.

Our school values student voice and choice.  Buncee gives me the opportunity to allow more student choice in PE.

 Check out the student choice example below. I was VERY impressed with the activities that our students came up with, and I even learned new ways to help them enjoy movement!


Click here to see the Buncee.

I encourage you to try Buncee, it has been a game changer for me in PE!

Sara Jill Handy is a PE teacher at Lemons Mill Elementary in Georgetown, KY.  She graduated from the University of Kentucky, class of 2013, with a Bachelors of Science degree in Education K – 12 with a double major in Kinesiology and Health Promotion. In June of 2016, she received her Masters of Education degree in Teacher Leadership.  She loves helping kids discover new ways to enjoy movement and is always striving to create new and exciting lessons!  When she isn’t at school, she loves to travel and spend time with her husband and golden retriever. You can connect with Sara Jill on Twitter at @handy_mrs!

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