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You’ve clicked on this blog at an exciting time – the application for the Fall 2017 Squad of Buncee Ambassadors will open August 1st! As a classroom teacher last year, I was a Buncee Ambassador. I fell in love with the company very much because of how much love my students had for Buncee. I’m so grateful that you’d like to join our PLN, and be part of this wonderful community!


Sean Farnum

What is the Buncee Ambassador Program?

The Buncee Ambassador Program is a professional learning network made up of teachers who use Buncee. We count on them for their great ideas and their spirit of sharing, and we do our best to facilitate great conversations and experiences that benefit the whole group.

What do I get for being an Ambassador?

  • Membership in a PLN made up of incredibly creative and supportive educators
  • A one year classroom license for Buncee, that renews each year that you’re in the program
  • Exclusive Buncee Ambassador Swag
  • A monthly phone call where we’ll share new features, opportunities, and share our successes
  • Buncee Swag and support if you’re planning professional development, whether it’s a small group, a district level event, or a major conference
  • A digital Buncee Ambassador Badge, and Certificate
  • A sticker of you in the Buncee sticker library
  • And we may just have a few more surprises up our sleeves…

What do I do as a Buncee Ambassador?

  • Take a free webinar from someone at Buncee – so you can be sure you’re seeing all of our features!
  • Use Buncee in your classroom with your students – if they’re anything like my students were, they’ll be asking, “Can we do this in Buncee?”
  • Share your Buncee expertise and success stories with your colleagues online and offline.
  • Engage with the Buncee Ambassador Community – via Ambassador calls, meetups, our private Ambassador Channel, Facebook, and the #BunceeChat

Scroll below to fill out the application by September 1st! We’ll be accepting up to 40 new Buncee Ambassadors for the Fall 2017 class. Existing Ambassadors won’t need to apply, but I will be mailing you a separate survey to help me tailor the program more toward your needs.

Ambassador Application Timeline

Enrollment Application Process Begins – August 1

Enrollment Application Closes – September 1

2017-2018 Ambassador Squad Announced – September 12

First Ambassador Phone Call – September 14

Mid-year Enrollment – If you miss out on signing up! – January, 2018

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