Keep the Learning Going: Remote Learning with Buncee

Keep the Learning Going: Remote Learning with Buncee

Over the past weeks, there has been a lot of conversation about what educators can do if schools need to close for a period of time, especially due to recent events related to the Coronavirus. Finding ways to extend the “space” of learning for our students has been a topic of discussion for many years, so it is not entirely something new. However, with the current situation, educators and schools are seeking to find the right resources that can be put into action right away.


Providing Ways to Keep the Learning Going

Over the past few years, many schools have started to offer flexible learning days to deal with school closures due to weather conditions, environmental issues or something else entirely. Being able to keep learning going and have ways to collaborate without being in the same physical space is important. Having a specific platform or digital tool in place that all educators can use, and making sure that all students will have access is very important as well. With so many choices out there, it can be tough to figure out exactly where to begin, especially when time is a factor.

As I’ve been talking with some friends this week, a large part of our conversation has focused on what to do if our schools were to close, and even in the general sense, how can we also provide more for our students during times when we need to be out of the classroom? For times when I have not been able to be in class, whether due to illness or a pre-planned conference, I rely heavily on technology to be able to connect with my students, so that they can ask questions and have the support they need. However, I also rely on it to provide them with rich learning experiences through versatile tools that they can work on independently wherever they are. With Buncee, we can work remotely and provide meaningful learning experiences that engage students in the digital space.


Buncee =  Learning Anywhere

As I have been thinking about some of our recent Buncee projects, my 8th grade STEAM course has been working on a few activities. They have created an “About Me” Buncee, a few Buncees for gratitude, and most recently, a “Tech Over Time” project. In the “Tech Over Time” project, students have been exploring the transformation of some digital tools or electronic devices over the past 10, 20, 30+ years, while also making predictions for the future.


Student's Buncee showing "Tech Over Time"


As students create, they can work from school, at home, or anywhere, and be able to share their work with me wherever I am. Teachers can assign their own fun projects for students, or choose from the many ideas in the Buncee Ideas Lab


Student's Buncee Made from a Template in Ideas Lab


We have used Buncee for years in all of my classes, and through it I have been able to provide opportunities for my students to engage in more authentic and meaningful learning, to be creative and to drive their learning experience.  Whether students use it to design a Buncee to share their experiences, engage in project-based learning, summarize a book they have read, explain a concept in math or science, for a few examples, the possibilities are endless for what students can create. 


Student's All About Me Buncee


As teachers, we have so many choices for how we can use Buncee in our classrooms. It can be used to have students work through a Hyperdoc, or used as a model template for students to then create their own Buncee, make a timeline, solve word problems, and more. The idea is that we can leverage the tool to provide something that will connect with each student and it can be done from anywhere.


Student's Life History Timeline Buncee


Ideas for your Classroom


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