Malaysian Primary Educator Spiced Up His Classroom with Buncee Virtual Escape Rooms

Malaysian Primary Educator Spiced Up his Classroom with Buncee Virtual Escape Rooms

After schools had to close their doors due to the coronavirus pandemic, Malaysian educator Goh Kok Ming used this time as an opportunity to think of alternative ways to keep his students engaged. In a flash of inspiration, he appsmashed Buncee and Google Forms to create virtual escape rooms!

Escape rooms are games where a group tries to solve a series of puzzles to “escape” a room or series of rooms. Goh loved this idea, and wanted to see if he could bring the fun and engaging challenge of the escape room to his classroom.

Goh knew he could use Buncee to create a digital version of an escape room that students could solve together or individually.

He created the virtual escape rooms, and tested them out with his friends before introducing this activity to his students.

Goh used Google Forms to create challenging math problems students had to solve to “escape” the virtual room. With Buncee, he was able to create an interactive map, and link the Google forms to each station on the map. Students had everything in one place, could keep track of their progress, and could see how many stations they still had to complete. Google forms allows the teacher to oversee their students’ progress, and adjust the assessment if necessary.

After schools reopened fully in Malaysia on July 22th, he introduced the virtual escape room to his students. Students were required to “escape” the virtual room at each station on the Buncee as fast as they could. Students would solve the math equations, which would give them the access codes needed to “unlock” the virtual room.

They had so much fun and the class went crazy! 

Students competed with each other by trying to see who could finish all the stations the quickest. It was clear they loved this fun and challenging activity!

Appsmashing Buncee and Google Forms is a wonderful alternative for students to have fun and unique learning experience. This activity was an excellent way to keep students entertained, motivated, and engaged in the classroom. You could even spice up the experience by adding in a time limitation for students to escape the virtual escape rooms!

Meet the Author:

Goh Kok Ming is a Research Assistant, and a Math Educator at one of the Under-Enrolled Schools in Perak, Malaysia. He is a #Flipgrid Certified Educator L1, #MIEExpert&MTrainer, a #DreamOnX Ambassador, and #EdpuzzleCoach.

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