Mother’s Day Projects: A New Twist on an Old Favorite

Mother's Day Projects: A New Twist on an Old Favorite

As many schools close their buildings for the year, many of us are missing our students. We are missing the hugs, smiles, and laughter. We are missing the light bulb moments, ah-ha’s, and seeing the struggle pay off. We are also missing traditional activities that we’ve done with students for many years. 

For me, this is my 21st year teaching and my first year in a different role. I no longer have my own classroom, but I get to go and work with students and teachers in 13 different classrooms throughout the week. One traditional activity that I know that I will miss is making Mother’s Day cards with my students. Some students make them for their mother, grandmother, aunt, sister, or someone else special in their life. 

Mother's Day Projects: You are the best mom in the world











An example of a Mother’s Day project

This year, many of our students will not have construction paper, markers, or glue at home. So how can students still create a card for someone special in their lives? BUNCEE! With Buncee, students can use pre-made card templates or start from scratch to create a digital card to honor a loved one on Mother’s Day. They can add stickers, animations, photos, videosthere is no limit to their creativity in Buncee!


Mother's Day Projects: Happy Mother's Day card











A Happy Mother’s Day card template

Another popular Mother’s Day project is a recipe book.  In the past, I’ve made books where families share a favorite recipe and I publish them into a book for the class with a special cover that our class has designed. My favorite, however, are the books where the children write the recipes.

I love hearing what their favorite meal is and how they think it is prepared. They may tell you that their favorite recipe is their mom’s cookies. She uses 10 pounds of butter, a bag of sugar, and bakes them for an hour at 500 degrees! With Buncee, Buncee boards, and the magic of stitching, it is still possible to create these special recipe books and share them with your families.


Recipe Book

A Buncee recipe book created by Rachelle Dene Poth


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