New Feature: Record Video Within Buncee

We are thrilled to offer classrooms a new creation feature: the ability to record your own video, right within the Buncee creation canvas! We are excited to offer another way for students to share their voices and knowledge.

Now through Clipchamp‘s API, Buncee for Schools & Districts users can record videos within the Buncee creation canvas. To learn more about Clipchamp, visit their site here. These videos can be up to 3 minutes long, and previous recordings can be accessed through My Files.

Want to learn more about Buncee for Schools & Districts? Click here to request more info.

Below are the steps to recording a video. NOTE: For the best video recording functionality, we recommend using Chrome as your browser.

1. Log into your Buncee for School & Districts account, and click “Create Now” in the top right corner.

2. Click the plus button in the top right of the creation window to add a new item.

3. Click “Video” from the media types library.

4. Enable access to your webcam by clicking “Allow” in the pop-up that appears in the top left corner of the screen.


5. Start recording! When you’re finished, click “Finish Recording” in the bottom right of the recording window.

6. If you’d like to re-do your recording, click “Record Again.” If you’re finished, click “Submit Video.”

You’ll be able to play the video in View mode after creating your Buncee. Buncee for Schools & Districts users can completely customize their media library and administrators can disable the recording feature at any time.

Happy recording!

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