Print Your Buncee iPad Creations At Walgreens!

Buncee is happy to bring you... wait for it... Walgreens Photo Prints API integration for the Buncee Pro and Buncee for Edu apps! What does that mean? Great question, buncee readers.

Now, in addition to sharing your buncees digitally, you can easily print your iPad creations professionally at Walgreens! With a few clicks, that birthday card for grandma or those holiday party invitations can easily be printed out, ready for pick-up at your local Walgreens store.

Express your message creatively by designing your buncee with text, photos, stickers, drawings, and more. Then, once you've saved your buncee to your device, select the "Print to Walgreens" option under the publish and share icon.

print at walgreens


A menu will appear, from which you can select the photo's print size: 4x6 inches (small), 5x7 inches (medium), or 8x10 inches (large).

After selecting your size preferences, you'll be asked to choose the Walgreens location from which you would like to print your buncee. Next, simply fill in your first and last names, your phone number, your email, and submit. A summary of your order will follow, and a Walgreens receipt will be emailed to you.

Voila! All that's left to do, is to pick up and purchase your beautiful buncee in the Walgreens location you chose.

With our new Walgreens Photo Prints API Integration, your creations can truly brighten a loved one's day. Make sure you take advantage of this new feature and share your creations with the world! Save 20% off your buncee prints with the coupon code “QPSAVE" and test it out today! Visit for offer details.




This new app update also includes a brand new text editor, tons of fun fonts, and the ability to attach audio recordings to stickers and give a voice to all your characters! Simply drag and drop a sticker onto your canvas, double tap it, and select "Attach Audio" from the menu. Record your voice, sing and narrate all the imaginative tales you can! Tap your new, jiggling audio stickers to play back the recording and hear your buncees come to life.

With so many exciting new features to explore, don't waste a moment more! Download or update your iPad apps, and explore, have fun, and buncee on!

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