S is for Sharing, Now Made Easier!

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We hear a lot of great suggestions from our community, one of the most common has been about sharing. Whether it’s about teachers sending messages to students or students sending messages to teachers, sharing Buncees directly is a much requested feature!

The great thing about a feature like this, as an educator, is that for every way I’ll think of how it can be applied in the classroom, I’m going to see somebody share an idea that will totally blow my mind!

Teacher to student:
Whether you’re sending out a writing prompt, a flipped lesson Buncee, or something light to work on when students have completed their assignments, our new sharing feature helps you do that. Not everything that we want to share with students is – or should be – an assignment! Send your Buncees out to one student, a small group, or the whole class, it doesn’t matter! It all happens in just a couple of clicks!

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You may also want to send a message of encouragement, give a student an assist on their project, or share a joke. Whatever you choose, it’s super easy!

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Student to teacher:

Sharing is a great way for a student to check in with a teacher for feedback on their understanding or progress. In this case, it gives the teacher an opportunity to reinforce a young lady’s science understanding, while pointing out that she has some spelling and usage issues to clear up.

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Students love making messages to put on their teacher’s desk. Once my kids got into Buncee, it went from folded up lined paper to the most charming Buncee messages. Your kids will love being able to interact with you in this way!

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Share to Another Buncee User: 

You also have the option to share directly with another Buncee user, such as a colleague. Your chosen recipient or recipients will see that Buncee under the Shared with Me tab, so they’ll always know where to find it! Now, teachers can share lessons and resources directly with fellow educators quickly and easily. Teachers on Buncee for Schools and Districts accounts can share with their colleagues as well, as long as those colleagues are from their same school domain.

Here’s how you do it:

Start by clicking on the share button, just like you would to share the link, or email a Buncee. You’ll see a new spot on the share menu, “Share with Buncee users.” Then choose either “Other Buncee users” or “From your classes.” 

If you want to share with another Buncee user, select, “Other Buncee Users”, then enter in the recipient’s username or email address. Click the “+” to add them to your list. Add as many recipients as you want, then click “Share.”

**Note: If you have a Buncee for Schools and Districts account, you can only share in this way with other teachers on your school domain. Likewise, if you do not have a Buncee for Schools and districts account, but your desired recipient does, you will not be able to share with them in this way.

If you want to share with students in your class, select, “From Your Classes”, then select the class and students and click, “Share”

Your recipients can then click on the “Shared with Me” tab to see the Buncee you have shared.

For your students, the process is similar. When they click on “From your classes” they can then select the name of their teacher. Any teacher they’re associated with in Buncee will be on this menu. Then they’ll click the ‘share’ button. 

When you click on Buncees at the top of your dashboard, you’ll notice a tab: “Shared With Me.” When you, your colleagues, or your students click that tab, you’ll see the Buncees they’ve sent you, and they’ll see the Buncees you’ve sent them! That’s it, so easy!

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One last thing – what if you shared with the wrong student? Or, what if you’re a student and you would like to un-share a Buncee? It’s simple! Just unclick the recipient(s) or click Deselect All, click Share, and you’re done! They no longer have your Buncee.

Update – Now on Buncee Boards!

Since the original publication of this blog post, I’m happy to report that we’ve added Buncee Boards to the sharing feature. From your Buncee Board, just click Share in the upper right hand corner. A window will pop up, and you’ll see the option, “Share With Students.” Once you click that, you can select a class or individual students. Then click the SHARE button, and you’re all done!

Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 10.17.53 AMSharing Boards

When your students log in to Buncee, clicking on Boards will give them the tab “Shared With Me.” The board you sent to them is there, and all ready to go!

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However you’re choosing to share, we’re so happy to share this new feature!

If you’d like a deeper look at how Sharing works, check out this article in our Help Center.

Sean Farnum is a teacher, troublemaker, the host of the #2PencilChat, and the producer of The #BestClass Podcast. He is an Education Associate at Buncee and runs the Buncee Ambassador Program. He thinks you’re pretty great.

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