Sharing Your Visual Voice with Buncee and Flipgrid

Sharing Your Visual Voice with Buncee and Flipgrid

At Buncee, we’re committed to empowering students by giving them a voice and choice in their learning. Our friends at Flipgrid also share this passion, which is why Buncee and Flipgrid have teamed up to make sharing student voice simple and fun!

For those of you who don’t know, Flipgrid is a tool that allows students and educators to record videos and easily share them with the community. Educators can record video instructions and prompts, and students can share their voice and knowledge by recording a video response. Flipgrid also allows students and educators to collect their videos into “grids”, so they can view and reflect on them whenever they need to. 

Buncee & Flipgrid Integration

With this latest integration, we’re excited to announce that you can now embed your Buncees to Flipgrid and keep all of the fun and interactive features intact! Now, you can easily add your Buncee creations to your Flipgrid grids. For example, a teacher could share an interactive language learning Buncee to a grid, and then have students record video responses in Flipgrid to add to the grid. Or, a teacher could add a test prep Buncee to a grid full of test prep videos and resources, for students to review for an upcoming test.

Share Your Visual Voice with Buncee & Flipgrid


Here’s how the Buncee & Flipgrid integration works:

With this new integration, elevating student voice has never been easier!


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