Enhance Visual Learning with 3D Graphics!

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In the modern day classroom, it is more important than ever for educators to have the tools they need to foster 21st-century learning skills in their students. At Buncee, we’re constantly thinking of new ways we can help foster those 21st-century skills and facilitate visual learning, while also making learning fun and easy for all types of learners. That is why we’re so excited to announce the launch of Buncee’s latest update: 3D Graphics!

Buncee’s new 3D graphics will feature a variety of categories, ranging from animals to skeletal structures, organs, and even geometric shapes. With these new graphics, students will be able to dive deep into learning as they examine scientific 3D models of the heart, brain, and other organs. Getting to actually see a 3D graphic is extremely helpful because students can view the different parts of an object and understand how those parts work together.

Visual Learning with 3D Graphics

3D graphics can also be a great help to visual learners. Students are able to gain a deeper understanding of complex scientific topics by viewing objects from all sides, as opposed to a flat, two dimensional graphics and models. Our new 3D graphics allow students to really take advantage of visual learning and explore science in a way they never have before!

So take your learning to the next dimension with Buncee’s new 3D graphics! We can’t wait to see what you’ll create! Share your creations with us on Social Media, and be sure to follow us for all the latest Buncee updates!


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