Take The New Skype Course: Digital Compositions and Authentic Audiences

We are excited to announce the release of our new Skype Course – Digital Compositions and Authentic Audiences! Complete the course to take your students’ growth to new heights as you learn how to empower and engage students as real authors, publishing work to authentic audiences. Find out how to bring digital writing and creation to your classroom, see example lessons, and browse tips for getting started.

The course creators, Katie McKay, a Bilingual Specialist at Austin ISD, and Francesca Arturi, a Schools Partnerships Manager at Buncee, can’t wait to see the outcomes of this course! This past school year, Katie worked with educators at Bastrop ISD, a rural district outside of Austin, TX as a Heart of Texas Writing Project consultant to implement some of the lessons you’ll find in the course (find more on her blog). Katie describes the outcomes of Kindergarten educator Shirley Miller’s unit of study:

“In schools that are under pressure to perform for high stake testing, the integration of technology is often limited to use for remedial work or practice that could just as easily be done with pencil and paper. The use of Buncee and QR codes, however, gave Mrs. Miller’s young students the technology they needed to deliver their true intentions and personal stories to a broader audience than they would have been able to reach with crayons and paper alone.

Mrs. Miller serves a culturally, linguistically, and socioeconomically diverse group of students. Buncee helped their voices to be heard and appreciated in prominent and respected community spaces.”

The Buncee team is honored to work with educators as they guide their students through the writing and creation process. From idea conception through to publishing and sharing, it’s such an awesome experience to witness a child growing and gaining confidence as a young author.

So what are you waiting for?

Dive In!

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