The Blessing of Buncee

This is the time of year when we stop this craziness we call life to count the many blessings we have in our lives. I’d like to take a minute to share what I am thankful for in my classroom. I am so thankful for Buncee. Buncee has brought such joy and happiness into the lives of my students. I love seeing their eyes light up whenever the name Buncee is mentioned. It thrills me when they ask pleadingly, “Can we Buncee, Mrs. Monty?” These words never cease to warm my heart. I know, when my students are Buncee-ing, they are showcasing something they are learning, visualizing something they have learned or read, or are simply utilizing the incredible Buncee canvas to produce some spectacular masterpiece reflecting the creativity of their choice giving such power to their voice.

 There is such potential in the learning process when Buncee is utilized in the classroom. The proof is in the data. Recently, beginning our Human Body Unit of Inquiry, students were tasked with creating slides with their cells, skeletal system, and muscular system vocabulary words and definitions. Students were required to select a background, a sticker, and an animation that reflected each vocabulary word and definition. Students then used this vocabulary Buncee to learn these vocabulary words and definitions. I loved seeing them quiz each other using the Buncee slides.

Preparing for an assessment using Buncee is certainly beneficial.  Students were given the opportunity to answer a bonus question on the vocabulary quiz sharing what they felt was the most important thing they learned while studying cells, the skeletal system, and the muscular system in order to earn extra credit. Answering this question, our class average was 101%. Without the bonus question,our class average was 98%. This certainly reveals Buncee truly is a remarkable tool in the classroom. I know utilizing Buncee during the learning process enables students to become actively involved and visualize their learning resulting in an increase in their performance – which is the ultimate outcome for any teacher.

So, it is during this wonderful time of Thanksgiving that I would like to pause and say “Thank You” to the incredible Buncee Team for creating such a powerful tool that enriches the lives of my students every single day. And, I’d like to add an enormous “Thank You” to the Buncee Team for continuing to enrich this tool on a daily basis. I still do not know how you continue to make something so incredible even more incredible! Buncee, you truly are amazing! You have blessed our lives, and for this, we are forever thankful!

About Barbie Monty: Barbie received her Bachelor of Science Degree in Elementary Education (Cum Laude) from Mississippi University for Women. Upon moving to Tampa Bay and marrying in 2000, Barbie came to Carrollwood Day School.  She was drawn to CDS after learning of its character education initiative.   She quickly became an active member of the CDS faculty taking a position in the fifth grade.  She assumed the role of advisor to the fifth grade School Store where her responsibilities include scheduling students and parents, ordering merchandise, and monitoring its weekly operation which gives students hands-on experience preparing them for their unit focusing on business and economics.  She eagerly accepted the role of Inservice Coordinator for the faculty of the ECC, the elementary, and middle school division and excitedly added the high school division upon its inception.  
Barbie became the advisor to the fifth-grade Safety Patrol and is responsible for training, scheduling, and monitoring the patrol on a daily basis providing fifth graders with an incredible opportunity to experience leadership roles before beginning their middle school journey.  Barbie loves working with the CDS fifth grade students and has been instrumental in developing many of the Units of Inquiry they currently enjoy each year.  Follow Barbie’s class on Twitter!


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