The Sloth Adventures of Buncee Buddies

Slothlove | noun: the warm and fuzzy feeling one gets when admiring photos of sloths; an unconditional affection for sloths. Ex. After listening to the sloth conservationists, I fell in slothlove!)

Slothlove indeed is what all the classrooms of our pen pal project Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2017 were feeling after a live broadcast with two sloth technicians, Tom and Sarah, from The Sloth Institute!

On April 18th , these two awesome sloth technicians from the Sloth Institute held a live Hangouts on Air session with the Buncee Buddy classrooms to celebrate Earth Day, sloth conservation, and answer all sorts of questions on these fascinating creatures. The Sloth Institute’s mission is to expand scientific knowledge and education about the sloth to enhance their well-being and assure their conservation. After seeing the book Slothlove, a photography book of sloths written by the co-founder of the institute Sam Trull, we thought to reach out and see if the institute would speak to the Buncee Buddy classrooms about sloth conservation.

Since this round of Buncee Buddies is inspired by Earth Day, with the classrooms exchanging ideas on conservation and sustainability, we knew the live broadcast would be a fun way to celebrate all the creatures on our planet. We also saw it as a wonderful way to highlight the fact that there are so many careers to choose from and ways to help our environment. The institute answered with a whole-hearted yes!

With that, we celebrated the end of our Buncee Buddies: Earth Day 2017 project with a live broadcast from Costa Rica. The talk had hundreds of views and classrooms as far as Bulgaria joined in. Questions from “What do sloths eat?” to “Do sloths mate for life?” were answered, and all the classrooms were brought together for one unique event.

Sloth Talk With Buncee Recording

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