This Summer: Earn Buncee Badges For A Coupon!

Buncee Scouts, do we have news for you! We have new Buncee Badges for you to earn, and for this summer only, these badges can earn you a thirty-day coupon code! Pin these beauties onto your badge sash or upload them into a Buncee, as you make your way towards Buncee Mastery. Earn your Buncee Master Badge by August 31st, and you’ll receive a coupon code for an additional month of Buncee!

So…how do you earn these badges? You’ll earn badges as you create Buncees and explore the Classroom Dashboard. The Buncee Master badge unlocks the coupon code surprise. Each badge will be sent to your email and appear as an in-app message. Download it to share! Put it in a Buncee, share it on your website, and stick it on your fridge as a reminder of your Buncee awesome-ness.

If you already made enough Buncees for one of the badges, contact us at!

Below is a list of some of these badges…

  • 1st Buncee created – Buncee Explorer Badge
  • 5th Buncee created – Buncee Whiz Badge
  • 10th Buncee created – Buncee Guru Badge
  • 15th Buncee created – Buncee Voyager Badge
  • 25th Buncee created – Buncee Supernova Badge
  • 30th Buncee created – Buncee Master Badge

Get started making Buncees and earning badges this summer for all your creation needs! Whether you’re making an invitation for a summer party or starting lesson creation for next school year, explore the blogs below for ideas.

Share your badges with us on Twitter or in the Buncee Educators Facebook Group! Go forth Buncee Scout and good luck.

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