Using Buncee to Promote eBooks

Since winning the AASL award for one of the best digital storytelling tools in 2017, the Buncee team has always loved being a part of school libraries across the country. Teacher librarians K-12 have used Buncee’s multimedia creation tools and templates for all kinds of creative and innovative projects, such as ebooks collections, literary activities, and so much more. The way teacher librarians leverage the Buncee platform to engage and inspire students continues to keep the Buncee team in awe.

In fact, teacher librarians in the Buncee community inspired this list of ideas for using Buncee to compliment and promote eBooks and eResources collections. The list below provides creative ideas for raising awareness in your community about eBook collections and digital resources, and engaging students in their reading with fun activities to promote creativity and critical thinking skills.

These ideas also address elements of the Future Ready Library Framework. Using Buncee with your eBook collection supports the Literacy and Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment standards. You’ll inspire the reading lives of students, while empowering them as self-directed creators. Learn more about the Future Ready Library Framework here. 

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Ideas for Supporting and Leveraging Your eBooks and eResources:

Book Curation: Curate a monthly or weekly selection of books and share them with your community in a Buncee. Direct students and teachers to the eBooks with hyperlinked book cover images! Create from scratch, or use Buncee’s bookshelf templates. Then, add your Buncees to a Wakelet for students to refer to later on.

Book Trailers: Promote ebooks with a teaser video of what the story is about! Students can do this as well to share book recommendations with peers in a Buncee Board.

Middle School Teacher Librarian Karina Quilantan’s Buncee Book Talk

Read Alouds: Record a video within Buncee to create a read aloud. Use one of Buncee’s templates to create the read aloud graphic, and add on a page each day for another read aloud. 

Record a read aloud video of yourself within Buncee.

Bookmarks: Create bookmarks on Buncee to promote books weekly! Students can download and print out the Buncee bookmarks you’ve created. Below are Buncee bookmarks created by Teacher Librarian Deb Zeman.

Virtual Book Clubs: Collect book club resources in a Buncee to share with club members. As either a pre or post meeting activity, have students respond to questions regarding the book in a Buncee and collect them on a Buncee Board. 

Middle School Teacher Librarian Karina Quilantan curates the comic book club activities in a Buncee.

Literacy Activities: In the Buncee Ideas Lab, filter for Library and English topic areas. Copy and customize these activities for students to encourage in depth reading and creativity. A few of our favorites activities from the Ideas Lab include: fictional character postcards, book bentos, and reading journals.

Choice Boards: Build on books your students are reading with Choice Boards created on Buncee. Choice boards allow students to choose how they want to dive deeper into a topic, allowing them to take ownership of their learning. Create engaging and fun Choice Board activities with Buncees graphics, linking them out to different activities.

Choice board created by Teacher Librarian Shannon Miller.

Continue learning more innovative ways Buncee supports libraries and the ISTE standards in this Microsoft Educator Center course, co-authored by teacher librarian Karina Quilantan!

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