What’s New in Buncee-Week of Oct 14

What's New in Buncee

New ideas, iOS app updates, and more! Let’s take a look at what’s new in Buncee this week:

Buncee 3.0 Now on iOS App
Buncee 3.0 is now available on iOS! With Buncee 3.0, you can take your creativity to a whole new level, and now, you can enjoy all the options Buncee 3.0 has to offer, at home, in the classroom, or on the go. Download the iOS app and get started creating anytime, anywhere! 

Buncee 3.0 now on iOS app

New Digital Citizenship Ideas in Ideas Lab
Explore digital citizenship lessons, activities, and ideas with your classroom on Buncee! Register for Marialice Curran’s #DigCitSummit and connect with other educators on ways you can instill digital citizenship in your students. You can also check out Buncee Ideas Lab, and search digital citizenship to find ways you can explore this integral topic with your students, such as: 

💡 Visualize Your Digital Footprint

💡 Learn to Evaluate Online Sources

💡 Share What Digital Citizenship Means to You

💡 …and so much more!

DigCit Ideas in Ideas Lab

Be a Part of the Global Buncee Book
You and your class still have the chance to participate in the Global Buncee Book Vol. 2! Each class will have the opportunity to share their work with an authentic audience, and collaborate with classrooms around the globe as they author a page of the book. This year’s theme will focus on sustainability goals (#SDG’s), and will star Bunceeman embarking on a journey to “Save the World!”

How will it end? That’s up to all of you to decide! 

If you want to learn more about how you and your students can participate, check out Michael Drezek’s blog.

Global Buncee Book

Celebrate Global Maker Day

Celebrate Global Maker Day with Buncee creations! Register your class and take part in this virtual event, where students and teachers can learn, share, and play with others around the globe!
Learn about different projects and topics through live presentations, share student creations with #GlobalMakerDay on Twitter, and have your class participate in creative problem solving challenges! Learn more about Global Maker Day here.
Global Maker Day
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