What’s New in Buncee? – Week of Sept 30

What's New in Buncee?

We’ve added some new updates since school has started that we think you’ll love! Let’s take a closer look at what’s new in Buncee: 


New Integrations with Buncee and Microsoft Teams

Buncee and Microsoft Teams make it easy and fun to communicate with your school. That’s why we’re so excited to announce two brand new integrations with Microsoft Teams: 

Now, you can send a cheerful Buncee message to your student, or pin a lesson in a Tab so everyone knows where to find it! With Buncee and Microsoft Teams, communicating with your school community has never been more fun!


New Integrations with Buncee and Microsoft TeamsNew STEMtober Ideas in Ideas Lab
October is just around the corner, and that means it’s time to celebrate STEMtober! Check out the science category on Ideas Lab to find tons of STEM lessons and activities you can do with your students, like:


💡 Take a Bite Out of STEM Education with an Apple Investigation

💡 Get Your Head IN the Clouds and Learn to Identify Them!

💡 Take a Closer Look at the Parts of a Cell 

💡 Record Your Lab Work in a Digital Lab Notebook

💡 …and so much more!


#STEMtober- Check out STEM ideas in Buncee Ideas Lab

New Ideas for School Communications
Buncee makes it easy to create and share amazing school communications with your whole school community! Head over to Buncee Ideas Lab, and check out the school communications category to find ways to enhance your school communications, such as:


💡 Invite Parents to Parent Teacher Night with a Buncee E-vite! 

💡 Create a Daily Class Agenda

💡 Keep Parents and Students Updated with a Weekly Class Newsletter

💡 Remind Students and Parents about School Picture Day
💡 …and so much more!

New School Communications Ideas

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