10 Ideas to Virtually Celebrate the Year

10 ideas to virtually celebrate the end of the year

Another school year comes to a close, and it’s the perfect time to embrace our creativity as we celebrate the good times from the past year! Whether you are finishing a year and returning after summer vacation, or graduating and beginning the next phase of your school career, the end of the school year gives us all an opportunity to reflect on our memories and accomplishments. Here are 10 ways you can use Buncee to reflect on and celebrate the end of the school year! You can find all of these templates in the Templates Library as you start creating.


#1 Highlight Students in a Hall of Fame on Social Media

Congratulate your seniors on all their hard work by celebrating them on your school’s social media. Each day, share a “Hall of Fame” style profile of a graduating senior. Include their graduation photo, some fun facts about them, what their plans after graduation are, and some of their accomplishments. Create the profiles quickly and easily on Buncee, then share to social media with the push of a button.



#2 Create an End of Year Memory Book or Yearbook

Look back on the good times from the past year, by creating a digital yearbook on Buncee! Include photos, and videos, and use the wide variety of animations and graphics to add a fun twist to the pages. One person could work on each page, and then the pages could be stitched together to create a complete book! Include scrapbook style pages full of photos, pages for sports teams and clubs, field trips, a page for superlatives, and so much more! Once it’s done, students can “sign” each other’s digital yearbooks by commenting on the Buncee.



#3 Hold a Virtual Graduation Ceremony

This year, graduation might look a little different, so a digital graduation ceremony can be a great alternative to a traditional one. Encourage faculty to record their graduation speeches on Buncee! They can then be shared to a Buncee Board filled with thoughts, advice, and wisdom for graduates. Students can also record their own graduation speeches and share them with their classmates via a Buncee Board.

You can also launch a virtual meeting right from Buncee with Microsoft Teams! Schedule the meeting, invite your students, and hold a virtual Graduation ceremony over Microsoft Teams meetings. 



#4 Share Graduation Congratulations

Share best wishes and congratulations to graduates! Use Buncee to create a fun and personalized message. You could even include audio or video to really add a personal touch. When you’re done, you can share with your graduates.



#5 Reflect on the Past Year

The end of the school year is the perfect time to look back and reflect. Take stock of the things you enjoyed, new things you’ve learned, what you’ve accomplished, and what you could have done better. It’s also a good time to update any academic resumes and portfolios, or create these items if you don’t already have them. Use images, video, and audio to record highlights from the past year, and your personal reflections. 



#6 Set Goals for Next Year

Of course, looking back on the past year also helps you plan for the future. The beginning of the next school year may seem far away now, but it’s never too early to start setting goals for next year. Create a Buncee where you can record your goals for next school year, and include steps you can take to achieve your goals. The best part, because you’ve created it on Buncee, you’ll know exactly where to find your goals when the new school year rolls around!



#7 Host a Virtual Last Week of the Year Celebration

Celebrate the last week of the year with a series of virtual events! You can launch Microsoft Teams right from Buncee, and schedule Teams Meetings with your students to gather for fun virtual events. Promote your events with a colorful flyer made on Buncee that you can share on your school website or social media.



#8 Create a Fun “Guess Who” Baby Photo Activity

Perfect as a fun end of the year activity, this activity involves adding students’ baby pictures to a Buncee, then challenging classmates to see who can guess who’s baby picture belongs to who. It’s tons of fun to see how much everyone has grown and changed, and the photos will all be super cute! Quickly upload the pictures to your Buncee, then share as part of your digital yearbook, or on social media. Encourage students to guess who’s who by commenting on the Buncee!



#9 Graduation Wisdom and Advice

Teachers can share any last minute wisdom and advice to graduates with a Buncee! Include a video or audio message, and share tips and advice to your graduates. Teachers can then share the Buncees with their students as they embark on the next steps of their educational journey.



#10 Hold a Virtual Graduation Party

A virtual party is a great way to connect with friends and loved ones to celebrate a graduation! Create beautiful invitations on Buncee, and include photos of your graduate. Then print them or send them digitally. Next, schedule a Meeting with Microsoft Teams on Buncee. Invite your friends and family, and hold a virtual Graduation party over Microsoft Teams! If you’re sending your invites digitally, you could even include the link to your meeting in your invite!


These are just some of the ways in which you can use Buncee to celebrate the end of the school year. Did we miss any? If you have an idea for an end of the year activity using Buncee, be sure to tweet it at us @Buncee, and share it on our FB Educator’s Group page.

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