Honoring Black History Month with Buncee

Since the 1970s, February has been dedicated to Black History, which is a great time for students to learn about the milestones of Black History, and celebrate the powerful African American historical figures that have an influence on today’s society. The information learned during Black History Month is important to carry with us all year long, as this is part of African American culture that will forever be connected to the present day.

To help information become more retainable, we’re sharing a few ideas to make learning fun and engaging for students so that they have the opportunity to show what they know and process what they’ve learned in their own unique way!


The People of Black History

To understand black history is to understand the people who have made a crucial impact on history, and learn their story. With these Buncee research project templates, students will be able to show what they have learned about influential African American historical figures in the US, and the struggles they have faced. 


Another way to observe the heroism of these African American historical figures, is to design a Buncee with a specific quote spoken by one of these figures. Encourage students to find a quote that they feel moved by, inspires them, or affects them in a different way. Add the quote to a Buncee, then use stickers, animations, video, audio, or text to describe what this quote means to them, or how it inspires them.



Bring awareness to Black History Month, and honor the achievements made by African Americans by simply sharing the quotes of these heroes in the classroom, the hallways, or on social media!



Significant Events

What was life like for African Americans back in the day? There’s so many different ways to honor the events that took place, and the contributions made by African Americans throughout history! Students can use this template to complete a timeline of events during the Civil Rights Movement. Creating a visual timeline of these significant events can be a helpful resource when learning about history and how things have changed over time.



In order to get a better understanding of the events and actions that took place in history, ask students to choose a key event and create a news article about it! Students can pretend as if they are a journalist during that time period and use their research to share details about what they learned.



Black history is more than just a month! Learning about Black history year round builds unity between students and their peers. It also creates a more inclusive environment, leading to more social awareness. These Buncee templates can help spark conversation, make connections, encourage reflection, and prepare students with essential life skills that they’ll carry with them for years to come!

For more ideas on how you can celebrate and honor Black History in your classroom, check out this Buncee Board full of customizable templates. Connect with us on Twitter, and join our Facebook group for educators to stay connected!

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