Lake Shore Central School District Case Study

At Lake Shore Central School District in Angola, NY, Buncee empowers all students as creators and communicators, as students have the choice of multiple ways to communicate their learning with the support of the accessibility tool Immersive Reader.

Deann Poleon and Michael Drezek, District Technology Integrators, share more about the district’s Buncee implementation across 2nd through 12th grade.

Why did you implement and continue to use Buncee?
Buncee was implemented initially as a user-friendly tool, accessible on iPads for younger students and Chromebooks for our older grades, that would allow students to creatively demonstrate their learning. While this is still a major reason for our continued success with Buncee, as we witnessed students using the platform, we saw how it facilitated student choice by providing access to many tools in one platform.

We call the creation canvas the “Buncee Magic” page!

Supporting Reading Accessibility and Literacy Development
Buncee’s tools support literacy and make reading more accessible with the reading accessibility tool Immersive Reader integrated within Buncee. Immersive Reader for our beginning readers and struggling readers is amazing. Students are able to hear, read along, and learn how to pronounce words when using Immersive Reader within Buncee. This accessibility functionality, combined with the ability for students to practice their speaking skills with the built-in audio and video recording tools, has helped our students with their literacy skills.

Students in Honors English 9 read short stories, analyzed their stories, and then created presentations using Buncee. 

Supporting Creativity
Buncee provides options for students looking to create for a class assignment, or outside of the school walls. Some students chose to create from a blank canvas, while others use Buncee’s library of templates to get started. This brings the stress level down for some students who need a bit more support, while still allowing all to show what they know.

Students in a Spanish Class worked through a Buncee template.

Fostering Communication
On Buncee, students have the opportunity to combine multiple ways to communicate their learning and express themselves. Providing students with the choice of how they would like to show what they know, whether that be through audio, graphics, video, or text, has allowed our students to create amazing finished products. One great example of this was an Ancient River Valley Civilizations unit our high schoolers did. Completed Buncees were used to teach classmates.  Student choice in creation leads to student ownership in learning and insight into students’ individuality. 

Students in a Global Studies high school class used Buncee to teach each other about Ancient River Valley Civilizations.

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