Introducing Buncee Templates

Have you ever needed to start a project, but didn’t know where to begin? Or maybe you have to prepare an engaging activity for your students, but don’t have time to start from scratch? Buncee’s blank creation canvas gives you the freedom to let your creativity run wild…but sometimes, you need a little spark to light your creative fire. That’s where Buncee Templates come in!

Buncee Templates allow you to take your creativity to new heights! The creation process is made even faster and easier now that you can start creating with one of our many templates. We’re introducing over 500+ templates to choose from, in over 25 categories,  ranging from education to business, to personal or home use. And we’re going to keep adding to our growing collection, so no matter what you’re working on, we’ll have a Buncee Template for you!

To get started, just go to your dashboard and click the plus sign to create a new Buncee.  When you do, you’ll be prompted to start creating on our blank creation canvas or choose a template. As you browse through our categories, you’ll see there are so many options to choose from! There are plenty of exercises and projects to do in classrooms, but there are also activities for kids to do at home with parents, as well as customizable invitations and cards for special occasions! For a more in-depth look at getting started with Buncee Templates, be sure to check out our how-to article here.

Once you’ve chosen your Buncee Template, you can then either use it as is, adjust it to suit your own unique needs, or simply use it as inspiration for new creative ideas. Whether you need a fun classroom activity or worksheet, amazing signage for your library, an eye-catching flyer for your event, or any number of other creations, Buncee Templates has your back!


Buncee Templates are an excellent resource for educators, students, and families alike. From beautiful foundations just waiting to be built upon, to ready-to-use activities and exercises, Buncee Templates offer even more ways to make learning fun, engage students, and enhance creativity.

From the beginning, our greatest inspiration has been YOU, our users. At Buncee, we strive to ensure all our users have a voice and a choice, and it’s that voice that motivates us. You asked for templates, and we listened, but there’s still more we want to give. In the meantime, stay tuned for our newsletters, and be sure to follow us on social where we’ll be sharing our latest templates, so you’ll never be short on inspiration!



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