10 Ways to Channel Your Holiday Spirit with Buncee

The holiday season is finally here! Use Buncee to celebrate the winter holidays with these fun ideas. As you complete each, check them off on our Holiday Checklist! Special thanks to @HollyClarkEdu for connecting us with @mimg1225 for creating the awesome graphic filled with ideas for celebrating the holiday season with Buncee! Download it here.

1.     Share digital family cards with loved ones

Create Buncee holiday cards and send them to friends and loved ones! Use the audio and video tools to add a personalized touch. Record yourself or family singing or dancing, like in this example by AP Victoria Morse.

2.     Deck out your goals for the new year in a Buncee

Set the tone for the new year! Create a Buncee describing your goals in 2021. They can be focused on your goals as a student, teacher or parent, or about new hobbies and skills you’d like to pick up in the new year!

3.     Get to know your loved ones 

Enjoy getting to know your loved ones even better during holiday downtime with a virtual game of ‘Three Truths and a Lie.’ Check out the Buncee templates designed just for this, and see what you’ll learn about your family!

4.     Create a scrapbook of your favorite memories

Reflect on precious memories from 2020 by compiling photos and descriptions of your favorite moments. Put together a mini scrapbook Buncee for your friends or family and share it on social. For a customized holiday gift, print it out and bind it into a physical book!

5.     Reflect on the past year 

Take a moment to think about what you learned in 2020, and how to take those lessons with you in 2021. Make a Buncee to describe your accomplishments in the past year, like this one.  

6.     Create a Snow Globe Buncee

Ever wanted to live in a snow globe, where the powder is always fresh and the scenery picturesque? Create your own snow globe world on Buncee! Get started with this snow globe template, and create your own winter wonderland!

Snow Globe

7.     Create your own Buncee wrapping paper

Set a colorful background, then copy your favorite sticker in a pattern across a Buncee canvas. Print on a letter size sheet of paper to wrap small gifts, or send to a print shop for larger sheets! Draw inspiration from this example

8.     Create your own Buncee ornament

Create a customized Christmas ornament in Buncee, like this. Or, if you’re feeling crafty, print out a Buncee containing photos or your favorite stickers, glue each item onto a piece of cardboard or cardstock cut to shape, and thread a piece of colorful ribbon through. Hang it on the tree!

9.     Set a holiday background for your Teams calls

Set a holiday tone for your Microsoft Teams call with the Buncee + Microsoft Appsmash! Select your favorite holiday-themed Buncee background and use it as the backdrop for your group meeting. Learn more about the appsmash and all the ways you can use it in this video.

Add Fun Buncee Backgrounds to Microsoft Teams Video Calls

10.   Create your #OneWord Buncee for the New Year

What word do you want to embrace in the New Year? What does it mean to you, and how do you hope to carry it in your everyday life? Make a Buncee with descriptions, images, and audio and video you feel aligns with your #OneWord! Check out Buncee Ambassador, Ilene Winokur’s example or Barbie Monty’s, for inspiration. 


Do you have creative ideas for how you are celebrating the holiday season this year?  We’d love to hear about it! Reach out to us on Twitter and be sure to join our Facebook group for educators to stay connected!

If you’re new to Buncee, get started with your free 30 Day trial here. 

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