Make Microsoft Teams Meetings Fun with Buncee Backgrounds

Getting ready for your next virtual meetup? Spruce up your next call with another Buncee + Microsoft Teams appsmash!

If you’re using Microsoft Teams for your meetings or class discussions, worry no more! Your virtual gatherings no longer have to be all work and no play. With Microsoft’s recent release, you can now add a fun twist to any virtual meeting by adding your own custom Buncee background!

With countless graphics to choose from, you can easily create your own background on Buncee and upload it to your next Microsoft Teams call. These backgrounds can help make any virtual meeting fun and engaging. They also serve a practical purpose: if you’d prefer not to show your physical background, you can use one of our fun and colorful backgrounds instead! Here are sample Buncee backgrounds to inspire your next creation:

Download some backgrounds here or login to start creating your own!

Ideas for creating your next background

With Buncee’s blank creation canvas, you can let your creativity run wild. Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  • Travel Destinations & Virtual Field Trips:
    Dreaming of a virtual getaway? Buncee has background photos from Italy, the Philippines, Nepal, France, Belgium, Qatar, and more! … the list goes on and on!
  • Virtual classrooms:
    Feng shui isn’t just for the physical classroom. Why not spruce up your next class video call with your own Buncee twist? With 34,000+ stickers, animations, and backgrounds to choose from, you can create your own virtual classroom in Buncee and make your students feel right at school, even while at home!
  • Virtual parties:
    There’s always a reason to celebrate! If you’re hosting a virtual party, whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, or a Father’s day celebration, with Buncee, there’s always a background for your special occasion.
  • Pet Backgrounds:
    We all know it. Sometimes it’s hard to head to a meeting without your animal friends with you. But worry no more! Add them to your next design and your furry friends can then join you in any conversation.

How to Apply Buncee Backgrounds in Teams Meetings

Ready to get started? Watch the quick tutorial below to learn how to change your Teams Meeting background, or click here to read the step-by-step guide! Note that for the best experience, create your background with a 16:9 dimension!

Do you have other ideas for fun Buncee backgrounds to use in Teams Meetings? Be sure to tweet them at us @Buncee, and share them on our FB Educator’s Group page. We can’t wait to see what you create next!

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