5 Ways to Use Buncee and Microsoft Teams

5 Ways to Appsmash Microsoft Teams and Buncee

For seamless and fun communication, look no further than Buncee and Microsoft Teams. For those of you that are new to the tool, Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that allows you to communicate and collaborate with your school community in a secure location. Teams allows you to integrate with Office Apps you already use, such as Word, Excel, and OneNote, while keeping track of messages, meetings and more. 

When you combine these Microsoft Teams features with the fun and creativity of Buncee, there’s no limit to what your classroom can achieve. Here’s just a few examples of how you can use Buncee and Microsoft Teams to enhance creativity and communication in your school community.

1. Launch a virtual meetup with your students and colleagues

Buncee and Teams makes it easy to connect virtually with students and colleagues. You can launch Microsoft Teams from your Buncee dashboard! Create Microsoft Teams meetings, and share invites to students and colleagues with the push of a button.

Teachers can set up a one-on-one session, or a live lesson with the whole class.  Students can click on the Teams icon and see all the upcoming meetings their teacher has created for them in one place. The screen share option allows teachers to present their Buncee lessons virtually via Teams. Teachers can also connect with their colleagues, and send Teams Meetings to fellow educators via email.


2. Liven up your conversations with fun and upbeat messages

Brighten up your students’ and colleagues’ days and bring some Buncee fun to your communications with Buncee Messages in Teams! Share tons of fun Buncee greetings, graphics, and gifs by selecting the Buncee icon in Teams. Especially in a remote learning environment, a cheerful, animated, “Great Job!” message, or a funny, “See you ‘Spoon’” message goes a long way towards adding a fun and personal touch to your communications.




3. Keep your school community in the know

Create key communications, resources, and updates in Buncee, then share them all in a tab in Microsoft Teams. Pin lessons and resources to a tab for your students, so they always know where to find what they need. Or, share your newsletters and school announcements in a tab with parents, so they can stay updated on the latest school news.


4. Streamline your classwork flow with Teams Classes and Buncee

Staying in contact with your students has never been easier. Select the Teams icon in the share menu to share directly to Microsoft Teams with the push of a button. Teachers can share Buncees in Teams Conversations to promote a virtual class discussion. Or, push Buncees as assignments for your class in Teams, so your students can keep track of assignments and tasks they need to complete. See how it works below.


5. Empower Student Voice with Buncee and Microsoft Teams

Empower student voice by encouraging students to share their own Buncee creations with their classmates in Microsoft Teams. Students can use Buncee’s video or audio function to share their voice about topics that interest them, or to express their feelings. Students can then share to Teams, and communicate with their teachers and fellow students.

We hope these ideas help inspire creativity in your class! As always, be sure to follow us on Twitter, and join our Facebook Educators group, so you never miss an update!


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