Buncee Messages for Fun Classroom Communication

Announcement Graphic: Buncee Messages Integration with Microsoft Teams for Fun Classroom Communication

When it comes to fun and easy classroom communication and student collaboration, Buncee and Microsoft Teams are an amazing combination! You probably already know that you can easily share Buncees in Teams Conversations, as well as push Buncees as Assignments to your class; but with this new integration, you can bring even more Buncee fun to communications in your Microsoft Teams account!

🎉 We’re so excited to announce that you now have the option of sharing Buncee Messages in Teams! 🎉

You’ll have tons of fun Buncee greetings, graphics, and gifs right at your fingertips when you select the Buncee icon in Teams. Choose from a wide variety of messages, and add a Buncee flair to your classroom communication! Click here to learn how you can download and use this awesome feature!

Here’s a few ways you can share some Buncee fun in your classroom communication:

  • Send a fun, “Thank you!” message for a job well done
  • Let everyone know you’re available with an animated status message
  • Share colorful birthday greetings
  • Encourage others with a motivational quote or compliment
  • Spread positivity to your community
  • …and so much more!  

Here’s how the Buncee Messages integration works: 

  • Open Microsoft Teams
  • Click the three dots at the bottom of your conversation
  • Search “Buncee“, and click the Buncee icon
  • Browse our messages, or search for something specific, such as “good job” or “see you”.
  • Click the message you’d like to share, and then send it to your teammates!

If you want to witness even more magic happening with Buncee and Microsoft Teams, take a look at Bring Creativity to Classroom Communications with Buncee and Microsoft Teams. You can also learn more about how you can add some Buncee fun to your lessons with Buncee and Microsoft OneNote in our blog post, Live-Embed Buncee into OneNote!

You can also learn about Buncee Tabs, another new integration that allows you to pin key Buncees to your classroom conversations in Microsoft Teams!

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