Celebrate School Library Month with Buncee

April is School Library Month! It’s time to recognize the incredible impact that school libraries have on students of all ages. It’s not just the content inside of school libraries that is so important, but the dedication and hard work of librarians and media specialists as well. All month long there are acknowledgements to be made, and Buncee has the perfect templates to engage students in reading, and foster appreciation for their librarians and libraries!


National School Librarian Day

The month starts off strong on April 4th with a nationally recognized day entirely for the librarians and media specialists that work so hard to actively provide the best resources for all students. It is crucial to understand the role that is held, and the effort provided in supporting students by offering lifelong learning opportunities and promoting literacy in creative ways! The work librarians do benefits students and the entire school community.  Be sure to give a special thank you to the librarians and media specialists in your district with a heartfelt Buncee message!


National Library Week

National Library Week is held April 23rd through the 29th of the month. Each year, the week is celebrated with a theme. This year’s theme is “There’s More to the Story”! The idea is to acknowledge the resources available within libraries, beyond the stories within each book. Over the years, librarians and media specialists have been able to develop so much more to the story. Students now have the opportunity to experience the stories through technology, community activities, and so much more! Below are just a few of the creative ways students can use Buncee to celebrate this week, and month!


World Book Day

World Book Day is April 23rd, right at the start of National Library Week! A day to recognize the enjoyment that books and reading bring to children, and adults. For World Book Day, students can get creative in Buncee and share what they are reading! With this activity, they can keep it simple with text and photos, or get super interactive and add links to eBooks or audiobooks!


Create Your Own Virtual Bookshelf

Students can celebrate School Library Month by creating their own virtual bookshelf that they would display in their library. Audiobooks or eBooks could be linked to the photo of each book for an interactive experience! After students complete their virtual bookshelf, have them share their Buncee to a Buncee Board for their peers to see and interact with. This would be a great way to encourage conversations within the classroom for students to talk about what they loved about their favorite books, and what they are looking forward to in what they want to read!

Create a Personalized Bookmark

A fun bookmark can create excitement for reading! Simply start from scratch and resize your Buncee canvas, or use any of these customizable bookmark templates. Students can create bookmarks about what they are currently reading, or anything they love reading about!















Libraries and librarians are essential to schools, and provide students with a world of learning opportunities. It is so much more than reading books; it’s practicing digital citizenship, improving literacy, building imagination and creativity, supporting lifelong learning, and providing a welcoming community! Support your school and local library wherever possible to keep empowering students to be lifelong learners. 

For more ideas on how you can celebrate School Library Month and more with Buncee, check out this Buncee Board full of customizable templates! View Capstone’s resources for librarians, here.
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